BeScouted Photo Contest Week 1: Portrait

I took this picture of my friend @wednesdaymiller after we spent a day out hiking and taking her senior portraits. This was back when @jasonrussell and I used to do impromptu living room shoots just for fun.

We decided that we were still having fun taking pictures, so we invited our friend @sallyswitchblade over to model and shoot with us! This shot features @wednesdaymiller with @sallyswitchblade's pet red tailed boa, Slither.


Shot with a single light softbox with Canon Digital Rebel, 50mm lens
ISO 200, f1.8 @1/800 sec

Thanks for looking! I'm excited that @bescouted has started a fun new photography contest!

follow melody.jpg

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Great shot and thank you for your entry. Who on earth can think of getting such a pet lol And looks that your whole company is on Steemit already lol :)


We're gradually recruiting all of our friends ;) And I was super nervous around that snake! I began with a zoom lens and eventually gathered the courage to shoot with the 50mm after I realized how calm and friendly Slither was. But snakes still give me the creeps :p


They do to me too. And even more so the spiders! lol if you have spent some more time around it maybe you would have taken macro lens lol


Slither is such a perfect name! Great photo! :D

Most unusual “scarf” @melodyrussell :) Must be seen. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.


I would never be brave enough to wear such a scarf! Luckily, I was behind the camera :) Thanks @photo-trail!

Took me while ... oh, it's not a scarf - How COOL is that ... great photo, Melody


I absolutely second that ... very cool!!


Ha! You can thank @photo-trail for the clever scarf remark. ;) And thanks @yuccarose and @peterheckmann!

Ooooooh. Good shot!!

Sneks dont do me no frighten lol and definitely not a scarf.

But for real, he was calm and relaxed and didn't seem to mind being under those hot ass lights.


You're so much braver than me @wednesdaymiller. But I do have to admit, he was a pretty friendly little dude. Still... snakes just aren't for me!


He LOVED those lights! Great shot :)