Analogic girls

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Music, for me it's a passion that I decided to abandon in favor of photography and visual arts. But I am still an audiophile and a lot of my work is inspired by the moods amplified by the music I listen to.
Yet there is a huge difference between listening to an album an playing is in the background. So my question to you is

*** When was the last time you poured a cup of tea or coffee and enjoyed an album while doing nothing else but paying attention to the music?

Analogic girls is a set I started almost 2 years ago that is fueled by my frustration with today's society.
It all started with so many people around me that have absolutely no hobby or passion. For me, as a creative person and a workaholic, this seems impossible. What do you do with all that free time?!
So the idea of this whole series is to portray persons by the stuff that surrounds them while using a nonintrusive top-down view.


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Awesome, thanks for sharing


glad you like it, more to come

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thank you guys

Nice one, it got me rethinking...


glad it did

really deep stuff


thanks mate

Oh man, that top down angle.... what an amazing shot!!


hanging my camera 3-4 meter always give me butterflyes in my stomach but it's worthed


So you took the shot! you are gooood


i took every photo on this profile

one very beautiful word contains elements of extraordinary motivation. thanks for sharing.


happy to motivate you, hope to reach and motivate more people

mind blowing blog you wrote my dear friend @vmoldo

In my free time i really like to read books.....or watch Korean movies

Excelente trabajo de fotografías, pero dejas una interrogativa, la ultima vez que me senté a escuchar solo un album fue hace bastante tiempo y fue el London Calling de the clash, Saludos desde Venezuela bro.


I'll give that album a listen

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Wao great look like differe