when waves explode

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I can honestly say, that I can sit in silence for days sitting and staring into the abyss that is the seemingly endless ocean. One of the most magical aspects to constantly gazing along the shoreline is that two waves are never the same as they crash along the sandy beach. This makes for a display that is best described as hypnotizing and a tad addictive in nature. This probably could explain my deafening silence as I am at times lost in thought.

As a result of countless, never ending and always changing waves making their presence known by smashing along the beach is the constant imagery that comes with it. I spent a good solid few hours yesterday just staring and attempting to take a photo that capsulated that moment the wave ceased on the beach in a beautiful chaotic manner. I must say it is quite different to see a frozen moment of the wave and its explosion and to watching it unfold with the naked eye.

It was fun. I hope you enjoy the outcome, Steemians...

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I'm the same, I love just staring at the sea.

Its one of a kind of place

Out come is great. What was your camera settings? Did you used a flash?

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time like stop and water turns into snow

that is a beautiful way to say it. Thank you!

Taking the shot when they splashed water is still hanging in the air makes the photo looks very awesome. I thought you said you're an amateur photographer but your shots always look like the ones taken by pros. That's a nice shot you have there!

I love different angles and freezing moments that you don't really get to see a lot of the time. That is very kind of you but I assure you I am still quite the amateur. Thank you so much and thanks for the support

Somehow it reminds me of beer and I got thirsty lol good shot!

hahaha! best go grab a cold one then. I am glad it got you feeling for a nice cold beer. Thanks a heap, I appreciate the support

Nice photograph. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. I greatly appreciate it and the support

What a spectacular photograph. I admire your good work. The encounter between the waves seems to form snow. Thank you.

Thank you so much!! I love water. usually unfrozen is my preference but I am happy for experience the polar opposites of one another

Hola @thomasjmitchell
Cuando una ola revienta en la orilla es como una impredecible explosión de sentimientos.
Nunca sabemos de que forma reaccionamos ante un evento, acontecimiento, noticia o situación...... Probablemente nunca reaccionemos de la misma manera.
Todo depende de nuestro biorritmo en ese momento.
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo.

Cool picture). The wave is similar to milk splashes)

haha. I never though of it like that but you are correct. Thanks!!

I really enjoy the splashing waves
it looks like milk this picture is giving pretty look.

It is truly the best mesmerizing thing that I simply love doing as often as I can, which I will heading off to do in a few minutes. Thanks for checking out my photo - I am glad you enjoyed it

I enjoy your every photograph .

Thank you so much!! I am so happy that you do!

Super came out

Thanks! I am pretty happy with it!

Beautiful. Love the detail in this shot.

Thanks! It was a fun afternoon and slightly nerve wracking, trying not to get my camera wet.. again..

I love the beach 🌸 its my most relaxing place to spend time. Growing up on Maui all children learn to swim and enjoy the ocean and its bounty. We respect it 💯 and never turn your back to it. I
Your picture is beautiful as always.🌺💜

Thanks for the beautiful comment! I am glad you enjoy my posts and photographs. I do love taking them and all the processes involved in getting them on Steemit. I agree - I learnt a long time ago she always demands your attention and respect.

What a great shot!

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