Off the grid in Minca, Colombia

in bescouted •  9 months ago

I have been off the grid for the past 3-4 days exploring the mountain town of Minca, which is a short bus ride away from the coastal town of Santa Marta. It is a small yet unbelievable stunning town surrounded by countless mountains, wildlife and waterfalls. I spent most of my time there either hiking to various viewpoints, swimming in numerous rivers and waterfalls and simply kicking back in a hammock reading a book.

One morning I came across about 4 different waterfalls in the span of two hours, which was awesome! I took my time and took a heap of photos of them all and now I need to take the time and go through them all, which is on my agenda over the next few nights whilst I am back in Santa Marta.

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Such a broad variety of greens in the color spectrum! What a beautiful photo! Although you are not near an ocean here, there is indeed water. ;-) Quite a variety in tone from dark to light; think it might be an interesting study in b & w, also, although the diversity of greens is too luscious to hide.


hahaha! yes, I do try to explore other areas besides the oceans but water is typically a major aspect of where I choose to go. Thanks for the advice - I am going to play around with some b & w alterations.

one more piece of art ... there are no words to describe the beauty of the picture.... i look at the pic and i feel relaxed... good job Thomas!!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words and support - I am really glad you enjoyed this photo and post

The forest is very beautiful ,the style in which the
water is falling and changing its colour is also looking stunning.


it was a breath taking area to explore in. The photos never can quite to it justice though even though I do my best to capture it.

Great photos. I love your work. I know you do a lot of birding and have started a Steemit site where birders can try to form community and support each other. Check out @birdersofsteem and follow to see birding related posts.

Haven't seen any waterfall or mountain in real life lol. I wish to see this Minca you talk about. Thanks for sharing @thomasjmitchell


I do love to share my adventures and experiences here on Steemit! I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope you get the opportunity to chase after some waterfalls for yourself some day soon. you won't regret it!

@thomasjmitchell I think, you've shere with us for 3-4 days of experience, jungle, river hill, waterfall, about it, khub valo felt, feeling your mind, we hope you will be able to learn much more

Seems very fun and refreshing! nothing better than being in contact with nature to recharge energies :)


absolutely! I do my best to do it as many times as I can. It is where I feel most at home!!!

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