I do love the ocean

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The ocean is amazing, actually, water in general is incredible and also slightly important in order for us to stay alive on this planet. When it comes to taking photographs, however, it does add an extra element that can make an average photo a tad more captivating. I might be a tad bias when it comes to the ocean, as I am a marine biologist and spend most of my days on the ocean somewhere in the world working, travelling and guiding people to showcase its beauty.

This photo itself was heightened due to the intense reflections that still calm water presented early one morning on the docks on Vancouver Island. I was waiting to welcome my new incoming guests and walk them to our vessel and whilst I was sitting around I was welcomed by a beautiful sight due to the stillness of the water inside the harbour. I was lucky enough to have a few minutes to take my camera out and attempt to snap a few photos that did actually capture the beauty of what I was seeing in person.

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Excellent long-lasting photography. Beautiful view @. Thank you for showing the beauty of nature.


My pleasure! I am glad that you liked it

Amazing photo! As a Greek i'm also in love with the ocean. There are places in Greece that need to be shown in beautiful photos like this. All your photos do amaze me each time.


I do need to check Greece out one of these days when I have some extra time. Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoy my posts