Gentoo penguins to help make you smile today

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I have been moving quite a lot lately from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii, to Lima, to Australia, back to Vancouver and shortly over to Vancouver Island, which allows me a lot of time to myself. It is actually a lot of sitting around and standing in lines, whether you are getting on the plane, going through security or getting off the plane a lot of traveling is simply standing and waiting or sitting.

Either way, it allows me time to listen to music, go through the endless amounts of photos I have from various adventures from around the world and plan potential future adventures to places I have never seen yet. However, I always find myself clicking through photos of my time in Antarctica, which I will be back there in a very short 4 months for another summer season of exploring. I will no doubt have the pleasure of interacting with these little Gentoo penguins once again in their breeding sites along the Antarctic Peninsula.

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