Taking a Night Photo

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The key to successful night photography lies in understanding some of the principles of photography such as ISO selection, shutter speed, lighting, and more.

-Select the Right Time
-Use Tripod
-Set ISO

  • Do the 'Bracketing' Technique
    -Keep practicing
  1. Choose the Right Time
    To get a dramatic picture, take a photo at sunset before it gets really dark.

  2. Use a Tripod
    Tripod is very necessary in night photography due to minimal lighting conditions.

  3. Set the ISO
    The ISO setting affects the sensitivity of the camera's sensor to light.

  4. Do the 'Bracketing' Technique
    Even though you have understood the technique of photography, it is still difficult to get great photos with just one snap.

  5. Continue to Practice
    Amazing photographic works of the night are usually not obtained in just one snap.


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