⭐️ "Archaeopterix" - have a great Journey!

in bescouted •  last year


Scan of a drawing for my for my BeScouted photo collection.
Wishing everyone a good start to wherever you are going!

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Happy and good start to you too for this -who -knows- what -good- it- will -bring - 2018 :)


It will bring lots of goodies of course 😎

Tolle Bilder! Ich folge dir jetzt! :-D


Danke, freut mich sehr! 🕵️‍♂️(following)

Those big shoes must be a real weight to drag around :) Or maybe they are mechanized just it is hard to see :) Great addition to your collection mate :)


Hehe... work out shoes ;-) Not really... of course they are camouflaged mechanized!

Wishing you a successful and prosperous New Year! Did you get the print?


Thank you, same to you mate :) No, not yet... Hope to get it before i leave for Spain :)


Lucky you! Have a cerveza on me!!

abgefahrenenes Bild mal wieder -
hat was in Black and White - :-)


Danke sehr. Mach jetzt wieder mehr nur in Bleistift...

Great work, looks like one of those pieces from fairy tale books like the Grimm brothers.

For some reason it is what it reminds me off.

Great drawing! And I will definitely check out BeScouted! <3


Thanks a lot. Yes, check out BeScouted for extra exposure! You should also get a Sola account to post pictures. Based on a different Currency.. still pretty new. Using my referral link will be greatly appreciated! :-)