A Little Daisy

in bescouted •  9 months ago


CameraNikon D90
LensMicro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G VR
Focal Length105mm
Shutter1/800 s

You can check more of my work on Instagram as well.

Black 3 .jpg


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Thank you for posting @naydenova.

Lovely work.....very spring-ish. ^__^

All the best.



Haha, thank you! Spring-ish is indeed what I tend to be going for almost all of the time ^^

Thank you for your kind and supportive comment and all the bets to you too! :)


It's so beautiful!


Thank you! :)

This bokeh is just amazing. I just can't stop to watch it.


Thank you, I'm very glad to read you like it! :)


You wellcome. I am very thankful to you for sharing such a joy for the eye. Thanks :)


Thank you for the kind words!

Gorgeous shot! So smooth and pretty. We just resteemed you!


Thank you for the support! I appreciate it! :)

Absolutely gorgeous. Loving your art, I feel it it my heart and soul.


Thank you for the kinds words! I really appreciate it! :)

Very nice!


Thanks, I'm glad you think so :)

Wow, really nice @naydenova. Looks like a piece of art! Good work :) Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you, @oen! :)

This is such a beautiful photo! Is it just a photo or was in manipulated somehow? I can't stop looking at it! It's got such a beautiful color palette. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


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I like you flower on beautiful

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