Spring Queen

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We live in a small town. Every year we gather in the town square for a festival called the The Lumber Jubilee, stemming from our town's history as a logging community. The remains of the mill still stand. My grandparents moved to this town for a job at the mill. Festivities at our Jubilee include climbing a greased pole and the tug of war. It sounds silly...and it does bring out "all types," but the part of me that is the small town girl loves seeing a community come together.

One part of the celebration is the crowning of the Lumber Jubilee queen. All previous queens are in attendance, and you'd be surprised at how many are still living, and still in town! Last year's queen was the charming Izzy. I was thrilled to take her photos, and happy that our traditions continue!







beautiful queen for sure, very entertained for those who watch, thank already sharing. @joleenwillis.😊

Please make a post about the tug of war, and that pic of your brother!