The beginning of the end

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You know. I decided to talk a little bit about yourself, this was inspired by @rockz , Thank him for that! I hadn't been honest with You. For that I am very ashamed. I'm really a photographer, but some of the photos that I published were not my and I publish them only because they liked me, and were worthy of evaluation. My life changed exactly 3 years ago when I had money, family, Studio... 3 years ago I have in one month everything has changed. I was failed by my own father, so summed up what I owe people huge sums of money, from my wife left with my daughter. I was left alone to a large amount of debt and all because of his own father. 3 years I sit at home, go out only at night because they fear for themselves, I have a lot of money to people. And here's to a month ago have a great opportunity to meet Steemit project #bescouted .
I am very grateful to @bescouted for letting the opportunity to earn some money and at least some small part of which I owe people, I did. Thank you for the dreams that whirled in my head in the hope that soon my horror that lasts for 3 years, stop! Success to You Bescouted You cool project!
Well, my participation in this great project came to an end today unfortunately. Don't know what I'm going to do. Navryatli now I will be able to earn Steemit. Thank You friends!
@grumpycat Please read!

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Don't be so negative . There are many people in worse situation . Be positive and thank to God for what you have . Many of us somewhen in the life lost everything ..close people ..we were betrayed .. but life is continue . Please be positive

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The beginning of the end after new beginning @hotrix
New Beginning

Your story is inspiration to all of us. Steemit is really great platform. Here we can made friend and some friend help us. They give perfect suggestion to us. like your friend my steemit friend Is @mykos who help me on steemit at every moment. thank for sharing this motivational post.

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You, Sir....
...You really have balls! I dont know how, but im glad I inspired you to this post!

Yes. I don't know how I'm going to make to solve their problems, but we hope for your support if you can! Thank You!


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Everything will change in steemit life my friend. That was inspiring, keep steeming!

How do you get to that amount of post value?

Awesome bro

that well that thanks to steemit you will help