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Testing mate ;) But this will not fix anything, and i think it's a bad move, since this issue should have been solved otherwise. Nobody would stop me from creating an additional account, moving all my (or majority) SP there and upvoting my posts from it if such was my desire.
IMHO it is just punishing honest curators, as they will not be getting curation rewards in some cases when they deserve. I do not see how these mechanics help the issue at all.
Also it is not that straight forward, if prior to HF 20 you voted after author self upvoted his post, your rewards would go to author. Nor in HF 20 these rewards will not go to the author but will go to the reward pool. Curators are not stripped of their curation rewards though, just the author who self votes the post immediately after posting, will not get the curation rewards.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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had to wait til now to say that I totally agree. :/