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BeScouted is helping creative freelancers to take back control over their careers by allowing them to connect with businesses and other individuals directly while avoiding the greedy middlemen.

All creatives that share their images on BeScouted are rewarded in STEEM just like they would share their content on Steemit.

Every day BeScouted members vote for photos that they like and 5 most popular images get a Photo Of The Day badge. Winning photo of the Day Badge is not very easy, but all winners get a full upvote from @bescouted.com so consider inviting your friends to BeScoutedand ask them to vote on your entries.

If you want to see all TOP Images you can do this by clicking here.

BeScouted: Tomas Bark
Steemit: @tomasbarkauskas

BeScouted: Wicked Artworks
Steemit: @wickedartworks
image (1).jpg

BeScouted: Aurimas Valevicius
Steemit: @aurumv
image (2).jpg

BeScouted: Vytenis Malisauskas
Steemit: @carrigsteem
image (3).jpg

BeScouted: Indre Kudriavceva photography
Steemit: @kudriavceva
image (4).jpg

If you are in any relation with photography, or have amazing images of your work to share, visit BeScouted and see if you like what we are doing. You can upload your photos on BeScouted and they will also appear on your Steemit blog! You can curate content there and receive all curation rewards.

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We would like to express our special gratitude to @creadordelfuturo @dexter-k @bryan-imhoff @shortcut for delegating Steem Power to our @bescouted.com account, which is used to upvote amazing work on BeScouted to give more incentive for our users to connect to Steemit this way growing the whole Steemit community that will see exponential growth in the future we are sure!

If you would like to support our cause as we are a bootstrapped project, you can follow @bescouted.com curation trail as we are manually curating all the content and checking for copyright violations at our full capacity.

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We are already hosting nearly 13 thousand extremely talented, friendly and active community members.

Follow us on Telegram: @bescouted


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