Besar Bodoh - "Love In A Paper Bag" & "Conciousness Of God" at Rock Dungeon 2013

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Besar Bodoh

"Love In A Paper Bag"


"Conciousness Of God"

Live at Rock Dungeon, Melbourne Australia 2013

  • Alan Mangle - Vocals
  • Hayley Anderson - Violin
  • Dylan Meadows - Drums
  • Frank Packer - Bass
  • Thor Hammaraxx - Guitar

Filmed live at Rock Dungeon - Melbourne, Australia 2013


Rock'N'Roll From Melbourne, Australia

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I will send you some links of my buds music if you want, I was trying to get him to join steemit but he's not a big computer user lol. Keep on rocking thor!

Until now "Love in a paper bag" is my favorite track!! yeahhh!!!