Bernie Bernie Bernie, the terrible, resentful, vengeful, childish wrecking ball.

in #berniesanders7 years ago

Whatever good he's managed to accomplish, I believe the damage caused to Steemit far outweighs it. The trouble I think, is that he seems incapable of controlling his emotions, of showing restraint and of exercising wisdom. His humourless vulgarity and courtesy-devoid manner is a constant, painful reminder of the uphill struggle Steemit will continue to have with his ilk holding so much power.

Thank you for once again showing me why, in many ways, Steemit is broken.

Bernie and his army of sock-puppets is currently flagging any EOS posts because he doesn't like being flagged by Dan. He's very good at dishing it out but very bad at taking it.

Check out the exchange in the comments between max-infeld and Bernie if you are in any doubt as to the level of reason and sense of fairness he employs before a child.

Feel free to pick on anyone you like Bernie. From where i'm sitting, you are a bully. I daresay without your steem power, you'd be nothing.

For anyone confused about Bernie, please bear in mind that his behaviour towards max-infeld speaks for itself.

Steemit would be happier with a far wider distribution of power


I don't quite understand, if Dan had fagged his posts, why did he flag @max-infeld posts? And I am wondering, this happens to everyone, to me as well!

It has happened to others, yes. I hope it stops now but I hold out little hope. From what i've seen, resistance to Bernie tends to incite his vengeful tendencies unless you have more power than him.

If you use the tag #eos he will flag you. EOS is @dan new project.

yes he will...I wrote about it today in my blog post and indicated some of the people he already flagged. Let us hope that this issue stop..its not good for our steemit platform.

Power corrupts the unfit.

No argument there.

Bernie acts like a 5-year old girl.

@benjojo thank you for raising and extending this topic, I posted about this issue today in my blog post (pls feel free to check it out). This flagging civil war here is not good for steemit especially with new members and I only hope that it will be resolved with wisdom. The issue is very wrong and not a mature / wise way of resolving an issue...wise and smart people will talk about the issue and resolve it peacefully (via compromise) . In addition, involving innocent people is extremly bad...I hope this issue stop ASAP before it gets out of hand. Thanks my bud @benjojo for joining me in posting about this issue-awsome guy indeed.

It's not flagging that I have a problem with, it's bernie's lack of reason and willingness to bully.

Good point and that resulted to flagging innocent people because of even using EOS tag on their blog posts

I saw a post where he says this downvoting is not automated. That must be some incredible hating going on :)

Yo observo que fácilmente bloquean los post de personas novatas que hacen spam, sin embargo cuando se trata de acciones indebidas de cuentas influyentes no hay ningún tipo de sanción. Esto no da ninguna credibilidad a steemit . Una persona con capacidad de invertir, bajo estas condiciones no pondría su dinero aquí, porque no hay confianza.

Man this is troubling. Seems like there needs to be some sort of checks and balances. I don't know what the right point would be, but it seems like if you start doing things like this and you get flagged enough for doing something like this you loose steem from your wallet or your steempower is frozen for x amount of time. This can be difficult as well if he has an army of people who support him.

It is troubling indeed. The result of behaviour like this is the serious and severe impediment to the adoption of steem and its applications.

You are right. Steemit would ineed be happier with a far wider distribution of power. Surely Steemit Inc must realize this. Whatever good intentions they have for keeping a grip on this platform, in the current situation simply having enough SP means having enough power.

Maybe SP should only be earned trough diligent work of contributing to the value of Steem in terms of content-quality and curation and impossible to acquire through funding...

dan does flag posts that shouldn't be flagged. it includes my comments and some of my other favorite steemians.

However, I find Bernie quite amusing. Steem wouldn't be the same without him haha. I do wonder if he deters other users away.

With respect, his actions against max-infeld are not funny at all. They are a disgrace. Forcing him to beg so that he didn't feel cheated out of the rewards for his hard work.

My advice is not to comment on Bernie's posts, don't vote for his posts and use less abusive services than those he offers.

OK, i will take your advice.

I honestly don't know Bernie's incentive. I try to take everything lightly. I appreciate this platform very much :), and I want to stay vested into EOS. There is a nice system going on right here. I hope you don't take my statement too heavily.

I do like a variety of many different content. I do not see trolls on Steem. It is what I love about the platform! When a rare one, like @berniesanders comes along, it is quite amusing.

I would not support everything that he is contributing to our ecosystem. His statements can be quite hurtful.

Anyways Ben, I hope all is well. It's nighttime on my side, have a good night!

Aside from a couple posts like these, I'm not seeing support for the people caught in the crossfire. People who spend time and effort only to lose their reward. Maybe it's happened and I just haven't seen it, idk.

Bernie may well be a jackass, I don't know, but it causes me to wonder about parties unknown to me who might could mitigate but don't appear to when someone loses their reward.

I gave max-infeld a 100% up vote....I think that helped a little. The trouble is visibility and the amount of attention available.

Visibility is everyone's challenge it seems.

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