Why should i Thankful and love Steemi? bernieblackfriday post

in bernieblackfriday •  11 months ago

I'm very thankful to Steemit Family? is any reason?

I'm loving and grateful so much steemit because STEEMIT Family giving me plenty of Love (without expecting anything) kind, knowledge, relationship,wonderful pass-time,connecting and let me to the digital world without fees, making everyone smart, giving money and it's a sleepless Sun so anyone can be blogging and earn at any movement.

The above facilities are where is in the world? So i am very grateful and loving so much steemit and steemit Family.

I am telling a Special thank to @berniesanders for making me as a grateful Steemian.


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Hope that steemit will stay for long time. So that the turtle user like me can get something in future :)


Yes bro, you are correct and it will sure...,


Thank you!