Crypto.Schule Opening Reception this Thursday evening in Berlin

in berlin •  8 months ago

Recognize these two?

Yap, that's @lrock and me, while brainstorming our upcoming Opening Reception and our Crypto Beginner's Workshops in Berlin.


Does Opening Reception sound a little bit fancy? Well, look at the location...


If you want to learn a bit more about what we're up to, and have a drink and mingle with lovely people, join us on Thursday!

Who knows, by then this huge graffiti might be finished!



Stefan will talk about the potential of crypto for artists, and I will explain a litte about decentralisation.

For the rest it's up to you to have a good time and maybe make some new friends! :)

Thursday, June 23, 6.30pm at the

See you there!

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Thanks for the love on my post. Right now, only a few steemians understand @steemcamp actual aims and objective. So my support is low. I believe it will be recognice on time

Moin, wie lang geht der Event denn ungefähr?

Komme den Abend nach Berlin und hätte Interesse an einem Austausch. Gern an Bierchen


Das wissen wir doch vorher nicht :) Müssen wir mal in touch bleiben, an dem Abend. Wann kommst du denn an? Wenn’s vorher zu Ende ist können wir uns ja immer noch so treffen - werden sicher ein paar steemians dabei sein.


Fein, ich melde mich.

Such a bummer I am not in Berlin anymore otherwise I would have dropped by for sure for just a chitchat!

Lovely place you guys have going on there. I hope it will be a gigantic success!


Ah pity! :)
Thanks @karinxxl!