My Thoughts on Bizet's Carmen starring Clémentine Margaine and Charles Castronovo

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Let's step into the bullfighters' arena for this new production of Bizet's Carmen at the Deutsche Oper Berlin starring Mademoiselle Clémentine Margaine as Carmen and Monsieur Charles Castronovo as Don José. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.


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Luvly video

wow really nice review.

Good review !!!!
That's awesome..
She is looking so hot..

thanks for news

that's pretty cool to know, thanks for the tips by the way..

awesome video.

Fabulous one!!

i love to read it..

wow really nice review.

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Nice video ,,!!!

Nice video ,,!!!

Good review !!!!
That's awesome..
She is looking so hot..

Good news!!!
Nice video..I like it

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