My Thoughts on Bellini's La Sonnambula at the Deutsche Oper Berlin

in berlin •  19 days ago

There are no mountains, mills, woods, and bucolicism in this production of Bellini's Sonnambula, just a closed, claustrophobic, rundown motel full of rather interesting people. Enjoy the review and let me know your opinions as well.

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As always, a great review. Thanks for sharing


Thank you so much. And my pleasure. :D

I like your reasoning. Thank you


You are most welcome. I am glad you enjoyed watching my vlog-style review of Sonnambula.

So lovely opera. Opera is the pleasure of heart.

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It truly is. I am so pleased and delighted you enjoyed my review.

Excellent review my friend. Thanks for sharing


Thanks and thank you for viewing. :)

Thank you I liked your post for your sharing post.


My pleasure.

Wishing the best in your project! success!


Thanks so much! :D