Reality Check: FDA's Disinformation Campaign on Kratom

in benswann •  9 months ago

The opioid crisis is killing tens of thousands of Americans each year. So why would the FDA crack down on a substance that may be helping millions of addicts get off drugs like heroin and oxycontin? This is a Reality Check you won't get anywhere else.

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So cool to see an ex-mainstream corporate media jump on the crypto train!

Ben Swann is paid by DASH atm. So a Distributed Autonomous Organisation is funding him to keep spreading truth. So god damn cool....

Not to mention he is earning STEEM and putting his content on censorproof databases.



@cob your right man lol

Is this actually Ben Swann? Because I spoke with Ben Swann the other day about joining Steemit. Wanting to confirm this is real.


Hi Ben! DTube and Steemit share the same blockchain. Since posts, comments, votes, follows, and re-steems all go on the blockchain, the sites share the same content. I just realized from your Anarchapulco interviews, you did not know this yet.. There are other sites that specialize in one thing or another that share content with steemit too.



Need more help James, if possible. Things have gotten more controversial. I believe that my highlighting this is incredibly important for the Steemit community and it can be remedied with more support from top tier Steemit developers and lesders. Kind regards.


Highly rEsteemed! Welcome to SteemIt @benswann!



I check your post, its really good so i like your page also join your group.
resteemed & upvoted the post.


wao, it's really @benswann, really great to have you here man.

I predicted it few weeks ago that "heavy shakers" are getting on steemit and i am glad to see @benswann here


Glad to see you followed Josh's advise - great to see you back....and here!


Hey @joshsigurdson yes it is. If you want to confirm u can go to @cryptoctopus account.. He's introducing @ benswann to the platform ...



I was wondering the same thing. I've already found a reuploader here on dtube and I have a distrusting nature.

Great job @benswann I watched you last night after I saw @cryptoctopus bringing you to the forefront. STEEMIT will grow on you.


That video is great.


@cryptoctopus Yes the video was very good since I did not know that Kratom was helping so many people. Big Pharma and the FDA are EVIL in my book. I love having natural substances brought to my attention since there may be a time when it can be helpful in my life.............


I've heard of Kratom. Don't know much about it. I've always been a firm believer in regulated heroin injection sites--where medically trained nurses and doctors actually inject addicts with the drug of their choice, meanwhile they get the following benefits:

  • clean facilities
  • decreased chance of OD
  • sterile needles
  • medical care if something goes wrong
  • access to drug therapy programs to wean off the drugs
  • access to talk therapy
  • access to methodone treatment

I'm all about whatever works.


what works is just don't do drugs. Any drugs. For every so called good effect a drug has it has at least ten bad effects. Drug of choice is no drug!!!!

Thanks so much for this post. They sell Kratom in freaking mom and pop mini marts where I live. Never tried it personally but a friend had some recently and described it. Honestly have heard nothing but positive from people who aren't freaks about it and know what they're doing. Always seems to be this way with anything but stuff controlled by the government. I work in recreational cannabis and feel their stings all the time. Sad but that's the way it is.

There is a company trying to make synthetic kratom. Its name is Trevena, run by two high-ranking execs from GlaxoSmithKline. The company isn't big enough to have a bank of lobbyists, but someone worth looking at is Dr. Anne M. Phillips. She doesn't show up in OpenSecrets, but she's also former GlaxoSmithKline. She's has two roles at Trevena: on the board, and as an independent director. But she also works for Novo Nordisk in "regulatory affairs" so she's a lobbyist.


So this is why they are trying to schedule kratom, for the money, per usual.

In a macro level perspective, since it's indigenous to southeast Asia, therefore it's bad for doing business in America, they have to delay it to give more time studying and planting it to their own backyard for monopoly. :)

Pharmaceutic company = shareholders they need drugs that are sold
This drug is not expensive and it can be used in raw form, If you don't buy they don't make money
Nobody cares what is better for you, all it matters is that one can be charged more money. They make you pay more as usual.


Yep, same idea as to why they don't want cannabis prohibition to end, but they still want to synthesize cannabinoids for pharmaceuticals. They'll sell it to us in a pill, but they can't let us have a raw plant we can use directly.

You're the best Ben! I'm so happy to be able to directly support you with my upvotes! Keep it up!

36 People have been diagnosed to have died because of Kratom. Laughable! 10,000 Senior Citizens die each month from taking over the counter drugs.

Another Plant that does GREAT things for ALL Living Beings (including animals) is the Hemp Plant. Not to be confused with Marijuana. THC has very little benefits compared to CBD. With that being said, you need to find out if the CBD has been tested and where it is grown. There are a TON of CBD on the market with harmful toxins in them. Please learn about the World's Best CBD and the benefits:

Keep on reporting reliable NEWs.


This was a good little comment/post. Informative.

Great info.

Opioids are far too profitable for the control structure in the United States to allow alternatives such as kratom and cannabis that may be more effective, far more affordable with less side effects and less harsh withdrawals. Do these people at the top of the pyramid think we are their property and they own us?


that's how they view us but no we aren't their property.


exactly! big pharma wants to keep their profit

@benswann I DELIGHTS me to be able to give you an upvote and have you get paid for it. THAT is the genius of steemit, I could never afford to support you before except random, occasional donations. I am getting ready to put a little autovote list together, you and @joshsigurdson are right at the top of the list.

well done dear...

What is wrong with this world?! Everything for fame and money :(

America should also crack down on gun laws. America could be so great if it weren't for the few rotten apples.

you have to be naive to think theyre not in the business of dying

I have started trying to fight back against the FDA by bugging every media outlet I find, relentlessly, about doing a story on the truth and why the FDA is really making up these blatant and obvious lies. I have seen some media institutions not buying into their crap, but we need more!

The salmonella story was such a crock. They claimed 73% took kratom, then said 8 out of the 11 people they interviewed took it. They claimed 28 cases, so the reality is 8 out of 28. That's not even close to half. How did the other 20 people get it? This is also if any of it is real. I believe they made the whole thing up.

the war on drugs is really the war on drugs that can't be patented.


exactly or a war on drugs that substitute those illegal drugs one has secretly his money in it's market.


It's not the war on drug it the war on drug addict.

Well the video was great and definitely raised my eyebrows I'm left wondering what can I do about it? would writing to the fda help or would that be a waist of time. are there claims of victim out for anyone to see and check for themselves or is this information that only certain people can get. I'm not saying your lying to me Ben I just don't trust what people say.

s this actually Ben Swann? Because I spoke with Ben Swann the other day about joining Steemit. Wanting to confirm this is real!


Didn't @joshigurdson just say this above? Verbatim. As in, plagiaristically verbatim?

Wonderful reality check

As a Canadian I get to see things about the USA from a different point of view .I find it very scary that your government and agencies are bought and sold so easily and it never is beneficial for the poor or for humanity in general. As a person who also just lost a friend to fentanyl , this strikes home even more. Since a lot of people are casual users it has the potential to get really bad. This is the first time I have heard of kradom, and I’ll do some of my own research on it (my insatiable appetite for knowledge). I would still recommend everyone to get some Naloxone. In Ontario it’s free at local pharmacies. As well to learn that even without it, giving someone mouth to mouth can save their life.

The real Ben Swann is here... this is going to be great or even better.

I'm GLAD this is gaining some traction. I have used kratom for three years, for chronic pain. I'm a senior. I got completely off pharmaceuticals by using it, and am very comfortable with it. We CAN'T let them make this illegal.

A belated welcome to steemit @benswann. Glad to see you getting recognition from the community. Deserved.

Welcome to Steemit Ben! Just found you via @cryptoctopus. I'm a new follower so please don't mind me while I catch up on your work.

Glad to see you here with us :)

good post friend
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I look forward to viewing more of your videos.

The US govt at it again. Banning natural plants that help people and some people enjoy

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I'm really glad to see you on Steemit! Been watching you for a few years now.
You'll bring several hundred or thousand more new signups with you - awesome!
Make sure you show some commenters love with upvotes! You're voting power is currently 100% and it recharges itself all the time, so you could be dishing out cryptos to your supporters and helping them grow along with you!

Very good post...i like post you...@benswann

I'm so happy, to have the opportunity to be next to someone that inspires people... thanks...

Great post @bennwan US govt really need arms reforms like in Australia back in 2000 where all guns were collected by government. @surpassinggoogle

I'm so tired of this information about substances they don't even know about or understand! Kratom has helped so many of my friends get off of opioids altogether, and maintain a regular life again! This is not a bad drug, this is a good drug that is good for you in a healthy way! Great post!

Well, why would they crack down on heroin? We can ask the same question. Is it their concern what i do with my body? No. In fact, if i want to kill myself and you physicly prevent me from doing so, you are guilty of false imprisonment (assuming im not putting others in danger by jumping in front of cars or of a building, of course), why then should i be prohibited from at worst slowly killing myself? Which isnt even neccessarily a given, there are people who smoke some heroin every other year. In fact it has no lasting consequences aside from possible addiction which is at least as much psychology as it is biochemistry. And, yes, you can OD, but thats only really a problem due to it being illegal and people therfor receiving inconsistent quality.
Now, if you were to say you dont want to pay for any recovery, youd have a point - for it being taxed to the extend as it causes costs.

Your too good Ben, I appreciate that we have press that still fights for the people of this country! yOUR AN INSPIRATION BROTHER

So know we have to ask ourselves why the FDA has such an interest in getting rid of it. I smell involvement in the illegal drug market, one of the biggest market and industry in the world. But it's all conspiracy theory you know.. people with tinfoil-hats ... those who claimed NSA is listening to every phonecall and shit...


not really sure it is a theory, we have enough evidence to call it a fact.

Great man @benswann ... Yiu are doing great and i justtt like your job and post... Steemit it almost upto you sir......
Thanks alot...kind and helpful person

Thanks for your video. Such a serious topic and Kratom is such a great solution. I've seen many stories of its success and none where it was worse off as it is not addictive like opiates. As is so common, fear bred of ignorance is the real obstacle.

i join your group on Facebook.... i really enjoying your update

welcome to embed ;)
two tips:
if you are in science, do not miss @steemstem, they are curation service from knowledge about writing and upvoting them is the right time! make your video dance and upload to @dtube! I'm sure people will love it! waiting for you until some publicity :)

Small mistake at the end of the video. What I'm sure Ben meant to say was "Lets talk about it right now on STEEMIT, Twitter and Facebook" !!

Great post! Kratom is an amazing plant, one that is almost extinct in Thailand now thanks to prohibition. I know many people who have gotten off heroin using it and I am so sick of the drug war and its fear mongering. I was so pleased when the public backlash stopped the DEA from scheduling it, but this was only a temporary victory. The fight goes on until not only Kratom and other harmless psychoactive plants are kept legal, but also until every single illegal drug is legalized or at least decriminalized and the prisons are only used for real criminals.

so amazing I like your way of working

the FDA is in the pocket of the so-called big reality,there are lots of herbal medications that are most likely more effective than the prescription medications being prescribed by doctors. and that's the reality about all of these big pharma- FDA relationship.they are sleeping in the same bed.

They want to ban it because big pharma loses money. thats all that is to it

The Fed would never allow a helpful natural substance to be legal. It's not about anything more than money and control, they will never help anyone but themselves. If anyone thinks that a politician, celebrity, or multimillionaire has their best interest at heart is a delusional fool.

It’s really sad to see the US lurching from 1 issue to the next. Toxic money is destroying the nation by the day. The only hope left is the energy, optimism and the drive to change from the youth of America.

very important topic

This would be a great happiness for all mankind

Of course they want it gone it's the best alternative and could potentially solve this opioid crisis that has plagued this country for too long. I personally love it lol.

Keep up the great work. Again, amazed at the quality of vids on Steemit/DTube. I'm loving this place more and more everyday.

Congratulations @benswann!
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I have a rare medical condition that is significantly improved with the use of Kratom. This is a very mild plant that can offer relief of anxiety, pain and inflammatory issues. I do not have any interest in taking any more pills than i have to.

Love Ben Swann.

resteemed & Upvoted

Sure the pharmaceutical industry want to ban kratom, and after create medication with its alkaloids. as they do with opium. To finally create more powerful and more addictive compounds

I have a friend who was an addict who got clean because of kratom. It’s a huge helper for those suffering from withdrawals!

Great to see Ben Swann on here! Love the professional presentation.

thank you

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Great channel. Thanks for sharing Josh!

So cool to see an ex-mainstream corporate media jump on the crypto train!

Great post @benswann ! The FDA is such a joke, I remember when they approved amphetamine Candies for Children. Now they start a war on Kratom? One thing's for certain, they REALLY don't like their toe's being stepped on! Of course the CDC is linking the Salmonella outbreak to Kratom, the whole thing STINKS of a set up to get as much of the supply destroyed as possible. ..First time iv'e heard of ya, following for future posts!

Ben, it is good to see you in the Steemit community!
Welcome to Steem and continue with your good journalism!

SAVE countless lives.

Abolish the FDA.


SAVE countless lives.

Abolish the FDA.


This is awesome thank you for reporting on this issue that is important to so many of us.

It's true Opioid crisis kills tens of thousands of Americans every year benswann. But the FDA is cracking down on substances that could help millions of addicts take drugs such as heroin and oxycontin because the drugs are more dangerous that could destroy the wrong generation in terms of their use. so let's join with steemit to reduce opioid and drug crisis. steemit is one way out of changing the horizon of life, success for all of us ....

Great video ... thanks Ben. Like Cannabis, the us government (all western nations really) are attacking natural medicines to protect the Big Pharma political donations, full stop.
Both Kratom and Cannabis are NATURAL (with NO-TOXIC LIMIT for cannabis and very very high limit for Kratom; i.e., you could not physically eat enough to cause an overdose.
Since safety IS NOT relevant with these natural molecules and FUD is their go to tactic, detractors have to lie about the dangers of these medicines.

Fortunately, since it's NOT schedule 1 (yet), dogs here aren't trained to hit on it (yet). It is still very obtainable from a number of sources. Aside from enraging me the FDA has literally no impact on my choices. This is but the last in a long line of moves on their part showing their ultimate alliance lies not with helping anyone, but with insuring the profit margins of big pharma. I have no need for this substance, but rest assured if I did, the FDAs position on it would have zero influence on my decision on whether or not to use it.

Interesting, the goverments of the world are allowing it. Also is not the first time, in UK were selling legal highs like synthetic marihuana and research chemicals(RC´s)... I think is better to try psychedelics with your friends in your house, than that shit and finish the night puking in the hospital

Interesting, the goverments of the world are allowing it. Also is not the first time, in UK were selling legal highs like synthetic marihuana and research chemicals(RC´s)... I think is better to try psychedelics with your friends in your house, than that shit and finish the night puking in the hospital