Reality Check: Obama/Clinton to Blame for Slave Trade in Libya?

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It’s been three months since the media outcry over the open market slave trading in Libya and yet, the problem persists. And the root cause of how these slave markets were created, thanks to U.S. foreign policy, has been ignored. Do you want to end the slave trade in Libya? We’ll tell you the biggest step toward making that happen, in a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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Technically they were, but we all know they were just taking orders from the Deep-State Elites. Obama and Clinton were little more than highly compensated actors in a bad sitcom.


Somewhat true, but they are absolutely far more complicit and involved than we can ever accept. That's why we minimize the truth about it all. It's truly unacceptable. Not opinion or choice.. it's as if our minds cannot accept these people as real. But yep, they sure are. They sure do believe the script. Ultra sad. Totally unnecessary. Not even possible without fear-based lies being enforced and accepted as eternal truth.

We are all free but not when we agree to perpetuate lies while ignoring the truth. Our entire prison is self-created and the walls can drop at once if we all agree that every authority, every fear-based mechanism, is capitalist created with no valid basis for existence. Death was manufactured. Is the absolute truth that has us all enslaved.

Simply seeing money as currency is deep slavery. That is the prison we are all to simply ignore and it will no longer exist. As much of a magic trick as originally played but without all the murdering of truth and scripted suffering.

There can be no slave without fear of death or desire for external currency. If we never exchange true currency for anything but mutual love, we will never desire to play the instruments created for slaves only. We automatically laugh at the monopoly board on first sight, slap the cheating banker with a truth-stare imprint, and head to the creek to gaze at our Sun and charge our currency. Just like every other living being on this planet would do in every instance of mockery and imprisonment.

possibly, if gaddafi is still alive it might not happen, but unfortunate things happen to him, even he's a good leader to his country with an excellent health care, and financial incentives to his people.

Loved the video. I am now following you...

I will upvote Ben Swann every time! I really love your work!

“We came, we saw, he died,” said then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who pushed for the regime change. This created a vacuum, which allowed ISIS to cross the country’s porous borders and gain a foothold. Armed militias—as many as 1,700 of them—looted Gaddafi’s arsenals, and now they’re running things. The basket case nation has competing parliaments and three rival governments. As a result, oil-rich Libya—which had free education and healthcare, was one of the most prosperous nations on the African continent—is looking like a lawless, failed state.In the midst of civil war and chaos in Libya, the financial breakdown and security collapse, is the mass migration of people through Libya on their way to Europe via the Mediterranean. Libya is the primary conduit for African refugees making their way to Europe–fleeing poverty and civil war in their home countries–with 150,000 people making the journey each year for the past three years.

you're making steemit a great community with your content ! keep it up!

Every outcome of US foreign policy is a horror story


It is scary that if you attack the dollar you become an enemy of the states.

This is what the american people get for the taxes they pay, they certainly don't get free healthcare, free education or any kind of investment in our own infrastructure.

Politicians are politicians. None of them would want to take the blame on anything. Even admitting is so hard for them to do.

Great work, Ben. Maybe move away from Facebook and Twitter, though. I went to

Hey Ben, good to see you escaped Meredith should follow some people and help build up the community...cheers

People like you are making steemit a platform of knowledge.A great video. Thanks for sharing. Following you @benswann

Thanks for the reality check homeboy!

really scary news , i start to wonder if we are really at 21th century . libya is our neighbour , rich of natural sources but poor in mental ones . hope the best for her people

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The truth is we've all been enslaved until we realize it and stop participating in capitalism entirely. No being on Earth holds any amount of authority over another without mutual participation. We are all free but only if we agree to Be in love and never fear

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Really horrifying news. Experts say the humanitarian crisis in Libya is a result of the U.S. intervention into Libya led under former President Barack Obama. International leaders have been outraged over video footage showing slave trade taking place in the North African country.

Boycotting Israel is a good step.

Hillary Clinton is evidently a psychopath. I heard she was just briefed on the fact Ghadafi had just been captured and killed and she was jubilant and unable to control herself.

Good content. I wouldn't doubt it happened just to keep SOCOM troops busy from being able to track down the real crooks

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Good information i love it 👌👌

It's a very frightening thing to imagine, how humans are not trafficked in free trade today, how much they suffer. Their rights are seized, and made as goods for sale.

You covered it yourself with pizzagate. If there is a demand for human trafficking, there will unfortunately be vulnerable people subjected to it.

Powerful report...
I think Ben came back with a vengeance... Go get them Ben!!
It's so great to have this kind of reports him in this platform...

Is this slave trade for real. No ways. This is unbelievable. I'm glitching right now..
Hilary actually said that. The devil himself. Wow.
Why Facebook and Twitter though @benswann? Why not

We haven't done anything good to any other country since World War II. We need to just leave them alone.

cool. pure truth. just do not put that witch in your videos anymore!...LOL

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank

Thanks for the information sir.

i don't agree with the post.. if all African leaders are made to cater for there people welfare and be accountable, the problem plaguing Africa wouldn't be here.. the Western countries can only come and influence when Africans didn't put there house in order.. an African proverb says the lizard can never have its way into a wall unless there is a crack

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hah ok that's weird, my brother's called Ben Swann too! had to do a double take then!

I may have voted for Obama.but I stopped supporting him shortly after.

ben swann and the only media headline with a question mark, that turns out to be a positive.

Realistically the military does whatever it wants.

they don't give a shit about the middle east. Once all the oil is gone we will suddenly not be interested at all unless we are still interested in afganisans opium.


It's not only oil and smack. US forces will remain in the Middle East as long as Israel wills it. Iran is a rival to Israel and must be weakened or destroyed (in the eyes of the shitbag neocons/likudniks.) Syria and Lebanon are allies of Iran and must be dealt with as such. Israel is also expansionist and will try to capture more territory from its neighbors ( the Greater Israel Project.) As long as 99% of the shitheels in our (US) government are beholden to the scumbags in Israel, we will continue to sow destruction and chaos in the Middle East.

It's easy to put the blame at their footsteps for there obvious error in judgement but many experts believe it's far more complex than that.

Libya was a disaster waiting to happen. And yes, the US bears some responsibility for how poorly things turned out there.

I hope the right lessons have been learnt and future occurrences forestalled.

Especially now that you're on steemit/D-tube, I'd sign off with "Lets talk about it right now, on social media".
They created ISIS to have an excuse to keep bombing, so the weapons manufacturers can remain profitable.
They've taken over the US government since WWII and don't want to reduce their weapons productions.

In other news, someone else named POTUS has done squat about Libya for the last year.

The government of America needs to be overthrown before any REAL ECONOMIC change will come.

The truth is so refreshing. Thank God for block chain.