Reality Check: Would Trump's New CIA Director Reinstate Torture Program?

in #benswann5 years ago

Is Gina Haspel really the person who should run the Central Intelligence Agency? Let's give it a Reality Check.

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Could you please upload you video to site such as Youtube that can stream the video properly?

Dtube will not stream more than a second before stalling and remaining stuck.

Yup, I also upload to YouTube. You can find the videos here:

That might have just been a glitch on my end given I am in the Philippines. I was able to view a different HD video on Dtube yesterday. I haven’t actually looked at the technical aspects of Dtube, yet I was just presuming that maybe they don’t have as sophisticated of a mirroring scheme as I presume Google has.

Torture is clearly illegal. Look I don't quite care if Abdul ends up on the wrong side of an electric switch but it remains illegal and as such neither Trump, Obama, GW Bush or anybody has any right to be doing shit like that. Trump said openly on the campaign trail that he would torture. Obama played hollier than though rockstar image Mr legal. Yet Obama used Jsoc to subvert detection of his torture.

Ahhh...another Ben Swann fan! We are definitely peeps!

excellent video, it seems to me that the subject of torture is quite intense and delicate, but it must ask the question whether or not it is torture, since there are interrogation methods that can not necessarily be called torture, and torture They would be violating the human rights of any citizen, regardless of their nationality, but from a very personal point of view, any unconventional method used to extract information from a person who wants to harm a nation would be well regarded.

I hope whatever he decides it's in the flow

never WAS any torture to begin with.
not by any standards other than snowflakes.
if she does...good plan.

Are you willing to volunteer yourself for demonstration that it is not torture as you claim?

Maybe @everittdmickey wants to vacation at Guantanamo. I'm sure they can arrange a free waterboard session if you are willing. The whole reason for the spaniards and others using the water technique was precisely because it was torture. America is a country with a selective morality, and you select based on what's most convenient to you hey I don't even blame you but it stinks of hypocrisy when you torture and then accuse others of being criminals for doing the same thing. Atleast if you torture be quiet about others who do it too. It's obvious the USA doesn't care about laws when laws stand in the way of what you want to do.

Yep, you're right. Waterboarding was not considered torture by anyone until today's faggot snowflakes came along. Well, except for decent fucking human beings in Europe and North America for SEVERAL CENTURIES before current times. You fell for the Bush/Cheney psyop. Good job, numbnuts.

Ben I am truly thankful for what you do. You're an example of integrity and sheer balls. I will proudly support everything you do.

I doubt that they have ever stopped using torture, you just don't see it in the news.

You're damn right about that. Google "JSOC torture".

Anyone who can torture another living being is just sick. Anyone who can do that does not belong in society, much less in a position of power.

Great video, @benswann, or at least the first portion, before it stops playing the feed - trying a half dozen times. That seems to happen a lot when watching DTube even on fiber optic 100MB connection. But on this I can't help but wonder, if there's more to the why... Liked and followed anyway... Take care

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