Recreation is important in older adults.

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When we are born, we have a lot of attention from our families, as we grow, many activities such as; swimming, soccer, ballet among others. It is so that our life is full of activities in the first stage.

When we are teenagers, the studies and future prophecies address everything in our surroundings and so on until we are adults, which is where we come to exercise our careers or routine activities.

When old age arrives, it is when our body loses strength as we make use of it.

This is when we need to do a type of physical activity to maintain the mobility and healthy mobility of our entire motor system.

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  • If you go for a walk you have the benefit of exercising while you recreate in different types of environments, in this way you will be in a better mood and thus remain active.

  • If you practice board games you will have the opportunity to share with acquaintances and make new friendships, this will give the benefit to the memory of staying actively active.

  • You can also practice yoga, it is a relaxation and meditation technique an excellent method for distraction.

  • An interesting option would be the bailo-therapy or dances in groups this will give a new perspective to humor.

There are different types of activities that can be done in the golden age so that in this way it can become a new motor and organizer of daily life helping to go through a healthy aging.

  • Love and understanding are one of the best initiators for motivation in this way the results will be captivating.
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This is very true. I know a guy who works 12 hours a day with 85 years old. He just never stopped pushing his limits, eating healthy and doing sports. Let's hope for a similar future!

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