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RE: The Ben and Lauren Show Episode 41

in #benandlaurenshow4 years ago

1 prop? Only 1?? Well I guess I'll let it slide this week! :-D

I also have eaten duck once before I started eating Biblically clean and it wasn't very good, at least to me, so I don't plan on eating any anytime soon. Sooo you're not missing out much in my opinion!

And lastly thank you for the round of applause! LOL


Only one prop, but CAR FIRE!!!! BOOOM! I'm glad to hear that duck isn't that good, I won't be tempted to even try it, clean or not. I'm so glad you made it to the end, it was a long one!

You seem to like to write car fire IN ALL CAPS ALOT!!!! hahaha
Oh I also forget to mention that I never thought about the names of the birds and the translation...thanks for pointing that out!

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