Bellyrub Refund report/ Min Bid is 1 SBD

in #bellyrubrefund4 years ago

Total refund today.

Need to bounce total: 6.223 SBD

bounced total: 6.223 SBD


Please do not send in any steem for bids, @bellyrub only takes SBD

Please check your wallets if @bellyrub missed your bid, it has gone ahead and sent you a refund.

Please send your bid again it should confirm

The Min bid is 1 SBD if you send less you will not get a vote but a refund.

Vote @zeartul as witness



we all love your transparency! keep it up boss...

hlw, I'm new here.. & I want some suggestion to get success from you... please..

Hi man. I see that you do make posts. Try to read more posts and make good comments to them. With time you'll get followers.

Also please try to not beg for followings with your follow as reward. This will may help for a short time or not at all. And will make people not coming back to you. I saw that you made a post with that too.

And with original content be careful. Always put the source from where you get the info / picture / video and say along that your own words.

It is what i see that can help you.

At the beginning it is hard to understand all the things.

Also, paying here or some resteemers bots, with some not good posts it may not give you back good feedback. As money and even views.

There are lot of posts and contests for rookies that will help you grow.

And you may try to enter a discord server for more talk with people.


If everyone gives me upvote steemit power, I will give upvote so many plb

Is that a joke ?

A sick one at that!

Still confused on what plb is... Maybe please? I don't know

Nice work belly

yeah, a transparent system is such a good innovation ^^

You are crushing it with this! Keep it up!! The bank is always open with @bellyrubbank!!

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Love your work and if you keep updates like that is so nice.

If somebody have a problem can quickly solve it.

I also tried yesterday for the first time your bot (i know about you for some contests with posts from 1-2 months ago).

So, i tried to see in about 12 tools that i use on steemit to see what amount (not percent) i received from the bots i tried for a post.

I haven't found any tool to show that. Only percents. But that ones you guys do post there in comments.


I saw only today that you already voted on my post from @sostrin recommendation ;-) - the post with "avoid double posting..."

And yesterday i sent 1 sbd for the upvote. I went to steemd and saw no vote from you today, then tried to think that is none because you can't vote twice.

Tell me if that's correct to not expect another vote to that one and consider that SBD as a gift for now ;-)

If what i see is true, it is my mistake at the end.


@bellyrub, yesterday I sent you 2SBD but you are not vote me. Please to process.

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