Suprise for bellyrubbank depoistors. (The Bellyrub Club)

in #bellyrubclub7 years ago

All current and future depositors will get an vote on your amazing posts.

@bellyrubbank currently only has 5K SP but believe it will get a whole lot more.

||The BellyRub Club||
we care for your sbd and steem as if they were our own.


hey @bellrubbank @zeartul. I did not receive my payment today?

nvm. Makes sense.

@bellyrubbank @zeartul am i correct in saying that I can deposit SBD or STEEM? And if I deposit SBD I will be payed in SBD. If I deposit STEEM I will be payed in STEEM. Correct?

I deposit last month , am I get upvote ?

@bellyrubbank @zeartul i am depositor but i dont have recieved notification or an upvote. As a confirmqtion of my deposit. Thank you!

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This is sweet info :)

This is awesome. Even more reason to invest in the Belly

just made my first deposit @bellyrubbank

As someone who should have enough to deposit at the end of the day this is great news.

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