stupid question, APR ? approximately ? sorry i always have problems with terminology

Annual Percentage Return I assume. Like a bank.

thank you, i do not know or understand them terms. Even in my own language gives me problems. :-) ROI ? oh man pffft i am old

haha no problems! Happy STEEMSgiving! Its similar to ROI (just another banking term)

Happy STEEMSgiving :-) I feel privileged @zeartul May i thank you ! I was not expecting that at all... I can congratulate you with being the first t give me such a high upvote on a comment ! XXX 3 kisses in its place. @bambam thank you too

Anytime! Glad I could help! and yes, thank you captain @zeartul (HUGE SC original FAN BTW) old RANKED PLAYER!

i would vote all back like a like button on fb. But my votes are not worth anything yet. :-) But i will resteem the article, that is the least i can do back.

This is amazing. I hope no other hidden terms and condition except the way it is stated here.
I will join up

Doesn't take much to get people's confidence these days..

Can I send STEEM or does only sending SBD work?

You can send both but may sometimes ig you lend steem you might get sbd

Thanks for the reply! :D

Awesome! Thanks for the reply!
Somehow, it appears, there is always a shortage of SBD (darn those resteem and upvote bots requiring SBD :p)

Thanks @zeartul. I have just got upvoted by @bellyrub and it was the highest upvote I have ever got. I tried to vote you has a witness but it is saying the user name does not exist.

How can I deposit to @bellyrubbank?


@zeartul that means I send 20SBD and after 5 months I will get 45% interest Am I right?

No you piad interset over 3 months unless prior annciunced due to problems. After 3 monthsish your money will be back.

You know what...??
You are too great...
Thank You

Sounds very interesting, thanks

Sorry! But i can't got the things clear in my mind. Just tell that, if i send 100 SBD to @bellyrubbank, while mentioning "Bank Deposit, 4 Month" in the Memo field, what would i get or what would be my advantage??? thank you.

you get 45% apr man paid monthly profits come from @bellyrub.

That means i will get a total of 180 SBD in 4 months. thank you