Simplified bellyrubbank explanation.

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Terms & Conditions of the @Bellyrubbank?

Minimum Deposit 20 SBD
Maximum Deposit ---
Dividend Payments Monthly
APR 45.00%
Effective ROI in 3 months 11.25%

You can see the Dividends are paid monthly every 22nd of the month the capital release is after the term is completed, which is three months after the deposit.

Profits are paid out by @bellyrub


Wow, just learned about this.

  1. Will I get 20 SBD + interest after 3 month?
    2.Does the payout automatic or I have to request it every month or after 3 months?
  2. Can I leave my deposit more than 3 months?
  3. If ever, I want to withdraw everything can I do that?
  4. Where can I deposit the SBD? I am very interested on this program.


Question: I have a current investment for 3 months, if I add more will I get paid on a same date or new date? In other words, do you treat each investment separately even if it is from same person?

Ok, got the answer. They will be treated separate. Thanks

So, I am considering doing this investment of 20 SBD with @bellyrubbank. But, I am not seeing payments paid back to investors?
How is this process done and how are the payments displayed so everyone knows how much of the payments are being paid back?

We are getting paid every 22nd of the month. Interest only by @bellyrubbank, but did get my first paymetn from @zeartul who is the creator of @bellyrubbank

So if i deposit 20sbd what would be my total payout at the end of the 3 months?

20SBD (the ones you deposited) + 2.25SBD (your benefits obtained) :)

Did the payments already go through? on the original post and it 20 SbD or steem. I sent @bellyrubbank 20 steem a little over the weeks ago.

You got paid 8 hours ago. Double check here:

Thank sorry misunderstanding on my part.

Can you check the dividend payment for me, as it seems quite light on. I've got 100 invested and the payment was only 1.5 for the last month+. Surely it should be at least 3.75 (11.25/3) or is my maths off?

You did two separate investments, you got paid two different payouts. Please see payment post.

I thought we arranged to combine them into one. At the time I commented here there wasn't a payment post and I'd only received one transfer. Thanks for the clarification though

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