Due to some issues with bellyrub this past month, the bank will payout next month with a bonus!

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Hello, Due to @bellyrub losing a huge delegation this past month and increase in Delegation price, then received some more earlier this month, Payments will be delayed till next month,

Rest assured your SBD and Steem is still safe and once @bellyrub recovers from this great delegation lose will resume payments.

This might not be some good news but in order to continue to pay and run @bellyrub it needs massive delegation,

You can see @bellyrub currently has over 1.5 Million SP which should start giving out the banks profits.

Please keep in mind @bellyrubbank has and is in beta considering it is the first bank running on steemit power by @bellyrub there should be expected hiccups.

Keep calm and keep steeming on.

With the introduction of the Bot Tracker the true amounts that bellyrub has been getting is 3/4 of the full votes value which has also hurt @bellyrub. It is meant to show users ROI for bots, @bellyrub was never intended for ROI and was always advertised as a Promotion Tool like the one tool steemit has to promote posts, so which the addition of the tool again @bellyrub has been getting 3/4 of the total up vote value of belly rub that is 10 times a day. Which is a very significant amount.




When will deposits be returned?

never, he took ur money and left, he scam lot of people.

I would never fall for this type of pyramid scheme bullshit you ran. I just found out about it, however. You scammed a lot of good people and I will be blasting your face all over the net when you are doxxed for not paying people back. Enjoy being known forever for being a douchbag scam artist.

For past several hours, I was checking up my wallet for the payment. It's just now that I landed on this post.

I was actually waiting for the return of Principal amount but it looks like you are not in a position to even pay the accrued interest! Very disappointing to me.

And any word on what bonus can we expect after a month?

I was also hoping to see the return of the principle today @xyzashu. Any news on the return of principal @bellyrubbank?

Nope it gone forever

Hoping for an update after today if this is still the plan. Should have just requested the funds be withdrawed when you announced selling bellyruba but thought witnesses could be trusted. Hoping the 20thish of December proves to be the case.

YOur money is gone, u have enter into a ponzi. He already left.

well, for it to be a ponzi, usually there's at least a couple of rounds of clients, with the future rounds paying off the earlier ones. This just is looking like a regular take the money and run thing now

Haha came here to say this. Not a ponzi just a scam dude.

Tnx for the update, look forward to my first dividends... have these issues affected the post votes? Have yet to receive any been almost 3 weeks since made a deposit.

Yeah. This is not looking good. @bellyrub voting bot is having issues as well. Something is amiss and the lack of response to peoples questions is concerning.

I have been wondering about the votes myself.

u are awesome brother.....💜💜💜

I have 2 deposits that were both due to end their 3 month term (10th and 25th of Nov from memory) and PM'd a question on discord to you about them earlier in the month.

I get that things change over time, and am still happy to have the investments, but a little clarity on how end of investment process happens would be nice.

I assumed 3 months = 3 months (so 10/Aug would come due on 10/Nov), but with all the interest being paid around 22/month, I expect it would be simpler to have that being the return date as well, which would lead to a '3 month' term being somewhere from 3 months to '4 months - 1 day', and interest paid according to the length of time you have the investment, so the '4 month - 1 day' would earn nearly a whole month's more interest than a '3 month' one would.

The lack of payout this month is frustrating, And not having the returned investment turned out I missed cashing in on the SBD price bump, but these things happen.

he's gone with your money.

yeah, it certainly is looking more and more like that. It might all be recorded on the chain, but there still isn't anything stopping people doing this sort of shit

When can I expect my 1000 steem back?

Doucebag scammer

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