Bellyrubbank changes to monthly Dividend Payments

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@Bellyrubbanks Changes Payout Cycle!

Due to the Requests from several Users, the @Bellyrubbank will change to a monthly Dividend Payout cycle replacing the current bi-weekly setup. This change will be effective immediately, so that the next Payout will happen at the 22. September and at the respective same date every following month.

Your total Dividends won´t be affected due to this change, but you´ll receive only one bigger Payout per month, which enables you to keep a better track of your investment and as well lowers the necessary efforts at the @Bellyrubbank.

I hope that all of you appreciate this Improvement of the @Bellyrubbank Business Processes. However you may feel free to contact me via @Zeartul on Steemit.Chat or Discord at any time in case there are still questions unanswered.

Thank you very much for your understanding!


Thank you for letting us know.

Question: The payments are interest and capital ? Or interest each month and all the capital at the end?

So, this definitely feels like a ponzi.

How are you actually generating a 45% yield for these deposits? Curation awards on bellyrub posts?

45% APR and bellyrub is a bid bot.

i'm curious about the profitibility of the bellyrub vote bot. At least with @Minnowbooster, you are only delegating SP which you can reclaim easily. With bellyrub, you are transfering SBD which is liquid and their's once you send it over.

Awesome! Not invested yet but I won 3 contests last week and plan to invest the first $50 I receive to test the waters. Thanks for giving newer Steemians with smaller bankrolls the ability to invest!

So how does this affect someone who deposited exactly two weeks ago? Because I was expecting the first dividen to have been this week. Sorry for posting on this post, but I haven't figured out how to message you directly on discord.

You get your payment 22nd

Okay thank you. I just needed clarification.

if i deposit today, when will be my next payout?

22 of this month.

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