Bellyrubbank, a Bank exclusively for Steemit Users! Earn 45% over 40 Happy Customers.

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More & More Deposits arrive at The @Bellyrubbank

Since @Bellyrubbank got founded about 4 weeks ago, we could see more and more Accounts getting opened every single day. In the meanwhile the Deposits of fellow Steemians increased to a total of more than 3000 SBD. This being said I want to outline ones again, that all those Deposits are handled very carefully and are exclusively used to improve the Service offered by @Bellyrub, which is as well producing the profits for all Dividend Payments.

First Dividend Payments are Done

As Dividends are paid bi-weekly the first Users could already enjoy their first Payment from the @Bellyrubbank. Some, like @sevinwilson, @robert-call and @neoxian seem to be so excited, that they already reinvested their first payout and even added some more SBD to their initial Deposit.

In case you´ve made your Deposit on the 14. or 15. August, then you´ll be eligible to receive your first Dividend Payment on the 28. August. In case you´ve made your Deposit later, please don´t worry as the Payment Dates will be announced regularly.

How to open a Deposit Account at the @Bellyrubbank?

To open your Deposit Account and earn some real interest on your SBD from now on, you´ll simply have to send at least 20 SBD or more to @bellyrubbank, while mentioning "Bank Deposit, 3 Month" in the Memo field. Please note that smaller amounts won´t be accepted in order to keep the workload as low as possible.

Terms & Conditions of the @Bellyrubbank?

Minimum Deposit 20 SBD
Maximum Deposit ---
Dividend Payments Bi-Weekly
APR 45.00%
Effective ROI in 3 months 11.25%

Current @bellyrubbank Deposits.

1: 1000.000 SBD from robert-call Bank Deposit, 3 Month
2: 250.000 SBD from sevinwilson Bank Deposit, 3 Month
3: 50.000 SBD from neoxian Bank Deposit, 3 Month
4: 50.000 SBD from ratticus Bank Deposit, 3 Months
5: 50.000 SBD from longfield98 Bank Deposit, 3 Month
6: 40.000 SBD from fiveboringgames Bank Deposit, 3 Month
7: 30.000 SBD from g-dubs Bank Deposit, 3 Month
8: 25.000 SBD from emergehealthier Bank Deposit, 3 Month
9: 25.000 SBD from stefanmoe Bank Deposit, 3 month
10: 20.000 SBD from cikxaijen Bank Deposit, 3 Month
11: 20.000 SBD from hot-girls Bank Deposit, 3 Month
12: 120.000 SBD from colinbrazendale Bank Deposit, 3 Month
13: 20.000 SBD from marty-art Bank Deposit, 3 Month
14: 75.000 SBD from rekaa Bank Deposit, 3 Month
15: 20.000 SBD from webresultat Bank Deposit, 3 Month
16:50.000 SBD from jtimko23 Bank Deposit, 3 Month
17: 30.000 SBD from swssmarketing Bank Deposit, 3 Month
18: 50.000 SBD from janusface Bank Deposit, 3 Month
19: 20.000 SBD from wheatdogg Bank deposit, 3 month
20: 80.000 SBD from swelker101 Bank Deposit, 3 Month
21: 35.000 SBD from solarsherpa Bank Deposit, 3 Month
22: 50.000 SBD from xyzashu (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
23: 650.000 STEEM from stackin (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
24: 25.000 STEEM from brandonp (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
25: 1000.000 SBD from joeblack1 (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
26: 30.000 STEEM from naysayer Bank Deposit, 3 Month
27: 50.000 SBD from whatsup 3 month deposit
28: 25.000 SBD from nepd Bank Deposit, 3 Month
29: 100.000 SBD from d-pend Bank Deposit, 3 Month
30: 20.000 STEEM from gikitiki (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
31: 25.000 SBD from isohero Bank Deposit, 3 Month
32: 20.000 SBD from bluelightbandit Bank Deposit, 3 Month
33: 20.000 SBD from rudystyle Bank Deposit, 3 Month
34: 20.000 SBD from simnrodrguez Bank Deposit, 3 Month
35: 20.000 SBD from ghostcode Bank Deposit, 3 Month
36: 50.000 STEEM from ghostcode Bank Deposit, 3 Month
37: 750.000 SBD from cheftony Bank Deposit, 3 Month
38: 50.000 SBD from neoxian Bank Deposit, 3 Month - Reinvestment
39: 187.500 SBD from robert-call Bank Deposit, 3 Month - Reinvestment
40: 91.350 SBD from sevinwilson Bank Deposit, 3 Month - Reinvestment
41: 50.000 SBD from bigpanda Bank Deposit, 3 Month
42: 100.000 STEEM from ghostcode Bank Deposit, 3 Month
43: 20.000 SBD from guttormf Bank Deposit, 3 Month

Start earning real Appreciations on your SBD from now on!

Deposit 20 SBD or more to the @Bellyrubbank today

I´ll always give my best for YOU!

Vote @Zeartul for Witness


Bellyrub 4 prezident!

If you aren't investing in @bellyrubbank, you're doing it wrong! How much more can you accept from the Steemians?

What kind of warranty are there? i'm just asking to understand how it works.
I give money, but how could i be sure to have again my money in 3-6-12-24 months? Thanks

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May I ask how is it possible to give out a 45% APR without constant SBD supply from new depositors?

? What you are expecting a Ponzi? WTF @bellyrub buddy. Just like the post explains.

You guys have been great so far. Not expecting a ponzi from you. I was curious as to how you manage this. I hope to put some Sttem with you. Powering to steem currently to apply to you. Was just immensely curious as to how something like this is possible. If it is a trade secret then you don't have to tell me. I will still be putting some money with you.

Man : ) read this how is it possible to give out a 45% APR without constant SBD supply from new depositors? Sounds a bit like that, but the amounts comes from bellyrub.

Thanks man. Will be in depositing in 1 week with next power down

Hmm.. so how does this work? Do you invest the loans and make money by trading and pay the interest from that?

Thanks, found the explanations

Awesome to see The VIP List. It is The Greatest List In The World!
Does one receive a happy-ending Bellyrub for joining last week?

Does this means, if I send $ 100 I will get back $145 after 3 months? Or i will get $ 7.50 every second week?

You'll get back $145 APR (Per Year) and $11.25 ROI every 3 months.

Thanks! Yeah I got it too. But I think , if I buy Steem Power for 100 SBD, I can make more than $ 45 a year. But not really sure about this.

If you delegated SP you would also make the current interest from owning it.
So at least 46% APR. But it has to be 1000+ SP, otherwise liquid Steem / SBD.

This is kinda neat. It's fun to see how steemit evolves. I appreciate the creativity and look forward to seing how this project progresses. :)

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