@bellyrub now has a 6 day limit before it was 6 days and 12 hours.

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Image made for @bellyrub by @sireh

Dark Templar, with another @bellyrub update.

Posts can no longer be older than 6 days exactly, Before we had it set at 6 Days and 12 hours. In order to fight the spam we will be following @mack-bot.

To set the limit to just 6 days we are disabling last minute voting which we are seeing a lot of, where bids are sent a couple of minutes before the cut off time for a vote, which than does not allow for detection before the payout.

This might be a harsh move but again it is trying to set a mood for better addressing abuse in the reward pool. That way if @mack-bot detects a last minute up vote farming attempt bellyrub will just void the bid and not vote. This is a trial and error, nothing will be perfect in stopping this farming of last minute up-votes but it is a start.

Knowing this is a bit to harsh there will be instances were we will be giving out refunds but after a certain number of days of doing this there will be no refunds.

Please be patient with us, again we are doing this in order to stop the abuse of vote farming.


That's great ! Vote farming has to go !!👍👍👍

6 Days is not too bad

Smart move!

wow beutifull picture @zeartul
if you can visit to my post

Nice to see you using @sireh's drawing :)

Yea he did a great job for @bellyrub

what is this??

Thanks for your effort and this wonderful update @zeartul
@bellyrub and team are really doing a great job towards keeping this community growing but it is sad to know that some steemians look for means to rob the community by waiting for the last hour to pay-out before making use of your service thereby making it sometime difficult to detect the originality. But with this latest development i know it will help a big time.
Keep up with the good work.


I didnt understood how it works
Can you explain please?

Amazing illustration
Excellent as a tattoo
Thank you

Nice post ;) Thank you bellyrub !

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