Nice drawing u got there mate.

@zeartul Congrats ! Is always fun to see some whale action. Just hope to get in the action on time :)

are you planning to accept steem?

I'm always seeing about bellyrub l'm so keen to join how do l do it

Thank you, dear friend, for the information

@bellrub -Check it out, it does not open (Sorry! This page doesn't exist.)

Now it opens, strange

I sent 10 SBD but not received upvote:
Please refund (i am sorry if any mistake happened )

Please refund me @bellyrub


hello how good is your publication friend you won my vote and I follow you follow me too please and I invite you to see my blog and not only to you if not everyone you won my vote follow me @gibsonbencomo

Hey @bellyrub and @zeartul, a few hours ago I sent 13SBD through for the following post:

I haven't recieved an upvote. Could you look into this? Cheers

This is great oh @zeartul on the whole but how I did it !

Great Idea

I sent 1.5 SBD but received no upvote. Pls refund or upvote. Memo was