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Hello Steemians,

This is to alert you that bellyrub has gone rogue and now scamming people to get money. If you see a 2x or 3x post like the ones below, read the comments below it and do not send your hard earned money.

I'm not tagging bellyrub because it is downvoting any attempt to alert the community. Upvote this post to make it visible.


Resteem to alert the entire community.


Thank you for advice :)

You're welcome.

LOL. I think @bellyrub just resteemed this! The world makes no sense! I’m so effing confused. Is it ridiculously bad management or Steemicide we’re watching?!

Crazy isn't it ? What is weird is I posted a comment right before they ReSteemed it that this might be an exit scam so creepy! lol

How are you here on year+ posts I find?

I've been around almost 3 years! lol

It's beyond understanding. What is going on folks? Definitely it's scammy but why the resteem and the upvote. Helping the community perhaps.

He's never done me wrong besides the 0.500 i never got a vote for, but after that i did the 2x thing...gave him all i had(only 11.151) and he really doubled it! So if he is scamming why would he keep the 0.500 and not the 11.151? and then give me an upvote worth 20.00? I'm so confused, who has he ripped off?

@zeartul is trying to do demage control and advance a narrative that it is not him. But it is him. All the evidence points to him.

Your steemfollower account is shut. Minnowbooster account is shut. Lost delegation. Why are you even commenting? And what about the downvotes you sent using @freedom's SP on my account? Was that also by someone else?

It has become a community issue now. Let's see what happens.

Wow - @bellyrub upvoted and resteemed this post... What is going on?

I don't know what all the noice is about.
It looks like this bot voting non stop

Upvoting and downvoting


Edit:- ↓ Yeah, seems like downvotes by users.

It looks like users downvoting @bellyrub posts, not the opposite way?

Yeah. You're right. Thanks for correcting. But why is bellyrub voting like crazy? Below 15 % VP right now.


That would be a cashout.

That is why I have never and never will give a single cent to these up vote bots. All they care about is the money we give them, they don't give a damn about actually helping minnows out. In my opinion, don't EVER trust any of those bots with your money.
Thanks for spreading the word ilyastarar! Hope no one falls for this scam again.

The whole problem of voting bots has been covered by @raised2b and @littleboy in detail lately. I have been part of the discussion too. Bots fill a gap which Steemit isn't filling.

i sent @bellurub 2 batches of sbd 2day, one for 0.500(which i still haven't got) and one for 11.151 for the 2x(that one went through) why would he keep the 0.500 and then turn around and double the 11? wtf is going on?

it is so sad that Steemit - such an incredible tool meant for good, creativity, and sharing talent - can be so easily corrupted by intentionally disruptive and community damaging acts of greed and selfishness.

I hope you get compensated.

thanks for alert news... best of luck..@ilyastarar

Thanks for reading. Resteem for the community.

yes of course your blog restemit..@ilyastarar

They apparently sold bellyrub and new owner gone rogue. I paid in 10 and got 20 but i probably did it early enough so they make it look legite in beginning.

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Thanks for the warning Ilyas!
Nice to see this post going viral that fast!
I'm glad for you bro!
Keep on the good work :)

Hay I I had lost my money on this bellyrub

That's bad. I shared this news to prevent more loss from happening.

A great solution to stop being scammed by bots - DON'T USE bots, and create some fucking content instead!

Creating content doesn't guarantee votes as big as from the bots. Steemit has to do something to stop use of bots.

I wish 'has to', really meant it to be true.

Unfortunately- 'they' don't 'have' to, I don't think.

Steemit might turn into a wasteland of bots up voting perpetually, content irrelevant, and turn it into a crytpo mine,,,?

@dang007 doesn't know what he's doing 😂

I am confused! What is whole Matter?
You are making a scam alert against him and he is Resteeming your post and Upvoting it with full power. What the hell is going on?

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Seriously ? Waiting for upvote from last 24 hours ! Already sent bellyrub 1 sbd !
They won't vote ?

Hope you got the upvote, no?

bellyrub did not upvote my following post, it also did not reply to my memos.

20 days ago Transfer 0.638 SBD to bellyrub

Might be a problem with bid limit as well but that's money lost.

So thanks for your great advice.

thanks for the info dear nice post...

One day left to go, how do I get some good upvotes on this? It's not for me.

me too lost 1.6 SBD yesterday. Thanks for alerting !!

The reason I came up with the post initially. More resteems would have helped more people I think. I hope you earn something extra to cover the loss.

Thank you so much my friend !

And do not spam.

bellyrub give you big upvote why ?

Can't believe i trust @zeartul for this. it is a minor 25sbd but it is still precious to me. I thought if you are running for witness, you should be thrustworthy in steemit. sigh

My thoughts too... Already confused and asking myself if he was/is a witness.

The whole this has been a mess.

25 sbd isn't a minor amount when it is lost to such a catastrophe because there are many 25 sbd involved.

There's a lot more to the story than that. Something's definitely not right!

@zeartul why don't you start returning people's STEEM and SBD right away? Why don't you transfer the goodies back from Polo? Obviously, your down powered 12,167.416 STEEM is not going to be enough to repay everybody. You owe me alone 7,000 STEEM

@mlequo 7000 steem you deposited in bellyrubbank @ 45% interest thing for 3 months?

yes, unfortunately this is true

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