What if Bellyrub Picked the Users that can use my services and Last a week than we can choose others?

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Since wemade a post a couple of hours ago regarding acquiring 5.5 Million SP, We at bellyrub headquarters have Come up with a 1 week trial idea.

We Host a 1 week steem voter deal.

Here are the details:

10 People use bellyrub for a week at 100% vote.

  • User would pay $805 for those 7 days.
  • Bellyrubs vote would be worth $140 at 1 post a day for 7 days that is $980
  • profit of $175 just on belly rubs vote alone, that does not include others votes.

What does every one think? Or maybe a randowhale style?


People missed @randowhale a lot and there is big niche for such service. If you are going to have 5.5M SP, please think about multiple services from @bellyrub HQ that will help the community

  1. A token trading at bitshare exchange will help investors to participate. A team of support to execute efficiently HQ tasks.

  2. A @randowhale like service with five accounts, yes 5 accounts. Due to huge demand, @randowhale used to sleep half of the time

  3. Current @bellyrub service

  4. A curation service such as @curie, @buildawhale, @qurator (profit or non-profit). If a percentage of @bellyrub profit participates in curation, it will help the community a long way. For example, a user will send One STEEM along with the post link in the memo about it types (e.g. Finance, Science/Tech (ST), Art: ST url ). The curator will vote 1.5 times at minimum. If the content is of high quality, it will voted with extra percentage vote, a curation trail and be resteemed.

  5. Contests, lotteries, occasional deals (e.g. blackfriday, Christmass) etc.

  6. Extra premium service like above: either for Business advertisement or VERY HIGH QUALITY contents.

Hello @bellyrub
I didn't receive upvote or refund.
Please fix that sent 27 hours before 15 SBD for https://steemit.com/life/@slimanepro/error-of-common-mistakes-in-first-aid-part-i

I paid yesterday 1.0 SBD for a vote and did not receive a bid or a refund.


yes, same here, 5sbd was payed and no upvote given.

Same to me 16 hours ago i send 2sbd but get nothing

He will get it refunded to you!

worst and terrible idea ever, only an idiot could go into this...

Reason we are doing instant vote style.

Don't have that much sbd, will you still do the other deal that i've been using?

This is an interesting idea! I think you would find some interested users for this service!

i dont think people ready to pay 800 sbd in 1 batch, and because now sbd is stronger like x2 than steem, then randowhale is definetly style better, or to accept steem

Is there any guarantee that one turd won't show up and downvote the posts?

hey @bellyrub please give an upvote for my post . I have send you sbd yesterday !


Excuse me but no one accept this idea. If you want succeed you should upvote your investors or refund them many persons suffer from that.
I wish you the best

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