No votes on comments / Adding a few to the black list.

in #bellyrub4 years ago (edited)


No votes on comments
Also @bellyrub is adding a few more accounts to the blacklist.

We might also be lowering the upvote value to 50% to minimize the abuse.


@bellyrub I transferred you some sbd with post memo. But didn't get a vote.

please refund - thanks a million-
is $1 from 5 days ago-you had a hickup than-
would be really appreciated-
or vote any of my posts up that's also fine -

"few" is likely what you are trying to spell @bellyrub.

:) Thank you!

hi @bellyrub,
i used your services for one of my post

but did not received the upvote. Please let me know the reason and please refund.

Ouch. Thanks for the update

No han pagado varios artículos que envié para que pagaran que pasa @bellirub

Glad to see it , keep up the great work @bellyrub !👍👍👍

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