@bellyrub now once again is voting at 100% vote worth over $128!!!

in #bellyrub4 years ago

@bellyrub's test is over and is now voting at 100% once again over $128 vote value!
@bellyrub is still in beta and we are constantly testing it.

You can now earn hell of a lot more due to the vote value is worth over $128. Go ahead and submit your vote next vote is with in minutes.

Any post is welcome, Enjoy!



Hay I had send you 0.5 Sbd but still don't get any upvote . Hey sir please find out what's the problem.

I had send .5 SBD with my link when I would get upvote.

I just sent mine over for Amazing Animals #2 The Emperor Penguin hoping it works out well for me!



could you please let us know if it worked for you? Kind regards!

so far nothing has happened.. :/

I have just received 5.75% vote for 5sbd :)

how cool! and how much did you send them?

I paid for two link;
Hope you will blast on upvote;

Happy @Bellyrub

Your service is highly appreciated.But yesterday I lost 10 SBD sending a link post arround 11-12 hours..

Just sent 0.500 to ya! Can't wait to see the results! If it works well i'll use you a lot, cuz who doesn't like a nice belly rub....u get it...LOL

so did anybody get such an upvote or is this just a scam ?

How long does it take for the upvote to kick in? I sent the sbd 35 minutes ago

hello how good is your publication friend you won my vote and I follow you follow me too please and I invite you to see my blog and not only to you if not everyone you won my vote follow me @gibsonbencomo

Send SBD to @bellyrub and put that link in the memo to get a percentage of the $128 vote value the more you bid the more you get. Hurry round is about to end.

why is it not showing the bid time?

First we were able to watch the bid time, but we can't see here.

It is not on there any more, We do not run that site.

So it's done by that website, for not any possible reason I guess?

Nice post and thank for sharing @bellyrub
From @bachtiar0210 for you🖒🖒🖒🖒

Hi @bellyrub looks like your service is down, no upvotes given from session 4 hours ago. https://s3.amazonaws.com/yabapmatt/bottracker/bottracker.html#

I paid 1.0 SBD for a vote and did not receive a bid or a refund last night.

and How much is the minimum and maximum Bid???

Min is .5 there is no max

ok, Thank you.

i have send you $1 but not received upvote or refund please see it.

I sent @bellyrub 2.00 SD 5 Hours ago but no up vote yet . Hers the link ! Thanks .

what happen in @bellyrub i send 2 SBD 7 hours ago but don,t get any upvote https://steemit.com/steemiteducation/@roky/778nb-similarity-in-between-essay-and-paragraph

That's a good idea.
Is it SBD or Steem

Did'nt receive upvote ;What is happening @bellyrub
Please fix that;

Hey @bellyrub I have not received my upvote from 15 hours ago, could you look into this? Thanks

I see you do reply to some, but yesterday a voting round was done with no votes given, and the people here who have stated such have received no response so far?
A simple word that you are looking into the glitch and will either refund the payments or give the vote would be much appreciated by all who were effected.

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