BellyRub has no Minimum bids any more!!! Send any amount of SBD! Vote worth over $25!!!!!

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Update : Due to the last update, Many users were not able to use bellyrub due to the high minimum bid but now there is no minimum bids!!! send any amount of sbd you can and get a percentage of the 100% vote pot!

Bellyrub art by @malicered

Big update for bellyrub users! 152,206.825 Steem Power Vote is worth over $25
Current updates are shown here.

Please read if you are new to using bellyrub.

1: There is no minimum! now
2: Each round of voting now lasts for 2.4 hours once bellyrub votes the counter starts again which is 2.4 hours to reach 100% that is when you send in your bids.
3: You're bidding for 0-100% vote weight at 100% vote power from @bellyrub this is not instant it votes every 2.4 hours.
4: @zeartul will also vote on posts upvoted by bellyrub, and might send bids for their posts to bellyrub.@zeartul will also vote on posts at random with over 75,000 Steem Power worth over $10
5: You might already know this but new users might not, posts must be newer then 6 days and 13 hours to get a vote, if a bid does get sent after this time frame they will be considered as donations.

How to use @bellyrub

Send any amount of SBD to @bellyrub with a post url as a memo from your steemit wallet much like do not include anything else in the memo besides the link you want up voted. Make sure you send while bellyrub is charging to insure you get the vote on the next round.

Let the bellyrubbing began! Want 45% Interest for investing in @bellyrub Read Post


You didn't work around 21 o'clock (UTC).
You can't satisfy my request anymore.
Please refund or upvote for another my post.

Pls @zeartul sent 4SBD about 8hours ago, but no upvote on my Post. Why

Bellyrub testing jusy ignore it dnt comment or upvotes

This comment has received a 4.44 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @ehujra.

1 SBD for every person that resteems. 20 max! : )



Resteemed!!! <3

cool resteemed!




resteemed. @zeartul

sounds great, I love bellyrub!

@bellyrub loves you as well!

Resteemed. I love this change. 1 SBD was certainly pricing bellyrub out of my range

Very nice service.. ☺ Resteemed..

Resteem Done.

Just resteemed ;)


Resteeeemed... Yes free money lol ... I was the 20th person damn lucky //

This is great!!

I sent a bid but didn't get a upvote

I just did a full test of the bellyrub service, full analytics are on my latest post on my blog!

Thanks @bellyrub. Upvoted and Resteemed.

@bellyrub I have an issue. I sent a bid when the mininmum bet was 1 SBD, but I didn't know the minimum bet changed at the time. What do I do? Please help..

Please help? No1 responded...... my money is just gone.......
0,4 is nothing for most of you, but for a small minnow like me, it's quite a few post's worth.

This is a sad day...... Will continue to use your vote bot, but it would've been much appreciated if you had actually been serious and refunded this.....

that really its a good in only this resteemed or auto upvotes sir


Hi @bellyrub, I tried to send a bellyrub and I think it might have gotten hung up somehow (been 5 hours now with no lovin')

Hey at the time the min bid was 1 SBD I have resubmitted your bid for that post though! : )

[email protected] Man you have my head spinning, I had just checked it seemed like not too long before submitting that bid and the minimum had just been raised to .5 SBD at that time. I guess I just need to get in the habit of visiting @bellyrub immediately before using in the future. Cheers - Carl

Going to post today and try bellyrub.....hope it works as amazing as it looks.

really great post friend!!

love this project man.. keep steeming.peace

Resteemed and followed.

Resteemed & followed..

Resteeming and about to try it for the first time....I don't want my post to dissappear because of no value from votes..I really want people to see it and maybe help :) :) Kayleigh...UPDATEI sent 0.600 at like 5 am with post url...can u verify that you recieved it thank you :) :)

Interesting @bellyrub
good i already use your service It's really helpful for us

Has been using @bellyrub for some time and it has been awesome so far.

Thanks for the tool and resteemed.


I'm in my friend

Great! Hope you make mad profits!

Good to know this. Sent my first try. :)

wow.. nice @bellyrub... can i start now? ^_^

yes you can send sbd any time.

How can I send

send any amount to @bellyrub in the memo section paste your post/comment.

Just sent you 0.15 sbd and got no upvote yet.

votes are done every 2.4 hours

When you sent the bid it was under the minimum, I will resubmit for you.

o.o under the minimum? but i thought that 0.15 was the minimum.
oh and thanks.

Are there any plans for an offline delivery mode? I would like to send a bellyrub to my dog, she is a good girl

Epic news, special thanks to @dang007

Followed, Upvoted & Resteemed..

Good one! You have a lot of interesting content there :) waiting for your next post ...

Plz upvote resteem and follow me @devrajlove

Does it able to upvote comments also?

Why does it always take so long (relatively) when the bot reached 100%? The same thing happens with @booster. There are always more votes coming in in that short time window making it less valuable. There should be a clear stop (maybe there is?) the second it hits 100%.

If you vote 10 times at 100% it would take 24 hours to fill back to 100% voting power that is how the HF 19 update initiated. So if you vote at 100% one time it takes 2.4 hours to fill.

I know that. The question is why does it take 2-4 minutes AFTER the bot reached 100% before the very first upvote begins?

Ohh yea it needs to calculate all valid bids, and voting and commenting is delayed 20 seconds each comment and 3 seconds each vote.

As I suspected there is a bug in the bot (sounds weird):

When someone sends the fund at exactly 100% voting power the bid will be ignored. It doesn't make it in the current round and it doesn't make it in the next round either. You can double check that yourself with the bid from me that I did at 8/8/2017 at 7:47:54 pm over 1SBD to

Ok, I thought that it would take the time to calculate. But in times of trillions of calculation per second for some machines I wasn't sure.

Another question: What happens if someone bids during the upvote process? Will the bid carried on to the next round or is it lost?

Now its really a bit confused - Yesterday the bid limit was 1 SBD - i havent read the new limit and bid 0.25 ... to the @yoogyart/in-trance...

you say you remaining ... but nothings happend...

and now i read - there is no limit ...
the first time i bid on bellyrub i was really satisfied ,
but in this case I am disappointed...
I would bid in the future, but I now want a solution for my bid over 0.25
maybe its possible to take this 0.25 bit for a new one....
if you can make it , than it would be great to take it for the picture i named:

Thank you very much for your effort

How can I bid

Bit confusing how quickly the rules change. Luckily I saw it in time for my calculation. Let's see how this goes.

Yes I know since the power was out of nowhere it was a bit of a juggle today!. please resteem that would help.

Sigh, there was another greedy guy just bidding 8.2 SBD. I have counted the minutes in the last 2.4 hours and observed carefully just to get a slap in the face. Everyone would have got a nice profit until then. Now it is loss for everyone. :(

Yea I saw that I will implement a max soon!

Really? That would be cool and huge advantage towards @booster. Any idea how to do this? I mean it is a double edged sword because of course you are earning WAY more with these high bids, I assume.

Will have to implement something, yea it would be cool to have something that @booster would not have, it might reduce the earnings but that was not the point of @bellyrub to begin with. It was more of helping out every one, Hence I am paying delegation out of earnings.

Well, that is a nice thinking. But one way or another it will make you a lot of money. And there will be MANY more bots doing the very same thing. I actually already consider doing one of my own but I have not the slightest idea how to start.

since it hasn't been voted yet,can i just get a re-fund now.

I saw this and wanted to try it out. I sent sbd over 4 hours ago an no vote. Is it every 2.4 hours or am I missing something. Thanks for the clarification.

Absolute resteem! Would love my belly rub very soon! Aloha!

I just submit 1 SBD just now for one of my post. I'm so excited to see the results! Aloha!

YES - resteemed ... :-)

who doesnt like a good bellyrub :)
resteemed ofcourse

I've sent 2.9 SBDs 12 hours ago. Still waiting on an upvote...

ditto. I think the bot is down.

Resteem and vote, more power to rub on this!

Hi there, I bid .15sbd yesterday. I didn't see anything on the post from @bellyrub and @zeartul. Here's the post:

Sent 3.801 SBD 18 hours ago but got no upvote. Please either give me an upvote or a refund. Also I was the very first person to resteem this and I did not get my 1 SBD. Thanks.

Make sure you don't send any bids 13 hours before payout, That is what you did, Upvote will be sent to another post.

That makes sense. Are you going to pick a random post or should I just say do this one?

Hi there, I bid .15sbd 2 days ago. I didn't see anything on the upvote from @bellyrub and @zeartul.

Hi :) so I sent 0.600 to @bellyrub 3 days ago and ....well nothing ? Not going to complain ...just curious what happened or if you are backed up...or I did something wrong ? Kayleigh :)

it hapened to me too. nothing happened. no upvotes whatsoever. I think their bot is down.

Oh okay...well I was just trying it out...another time I suppose. ..thanks for sharing @pinaynomad :) :)

You didn't get a vote because Transfer 0.015 SBD to bellyrub.

The 100% vote is worth over $25 you were just out bid.

There is no minimum bid but try to remember you are bidding for a $25 dollar upvote.
I would recommend .1 or over if you want to see a vote worthy.

I get it now. Thanks belly! :-)

you didn't get an upvote because you didnt paste the whole link,

please try to make sure you enter everything correctly.

hi I made a bid today but didn't receive an upvote

spidersprog transfer 0.031 SBD to bellyrub

Though there is no minimum bid amount to enter, please try to remember the 100% upvote is worth $25 so you were just out bid.

I would recommend something a little bit higher if you want to get a decent vote.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
I guess testing with a small amount wasn't the best idea 😝