Bellyrub Back up!

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Bellyrub is back up, you an start sending in bids all other bids will be processed.


Sorry, i sent 5$ with incorrect link, please refound.

2 часа назад Перевод 5.000 SBD к bellyrub

Sweet I'll test it for you guys ; )

Hey ! I had send you 1 sbd during your shutdown period. Can you please check and upvote that amount or refund my sbd ? Thanks
This is the post link:

well bellyrub, i need your help

A great welcome from all of the steemians.
We hope everything will happen good again as before.
We know you did hard work for all
Best of luck.
Looking forward to you

Hello @bellyrub, 2 hours ago and i am still waiting for Your UPVOTE on my post, SBD already sent, plz check and update.

Welcome back!

HEY!! i have sent you 1SBD and it is about 30hrs but havent upvoted yet. please check.
link is:

great news, thanks for welcome back quickly

Man!! come on!! I have gave you 1SBD and it has been so long and its about 1 day..
link :

hey @bellyrub i have sent you 1SBD and you havent upvoted yet!!! it has been almost 1 day. send me my upvote.
link :

would be super nice if ya could send me my upvote from ya downtime-thanks a million:

Hey @Bellyrub I fked up and copied same link for an upvote today. Do I get a refund or can I change the link.. you already voted on that.. my bad.. but I should still get a a new link.

Transfer 2.000 SBD to bellyrub

no vote or refund from $ 1 bid on this post from 4 days ago when you had downtime-please refund or bid on any of my posts please:
thanks a million

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