Bellyrub 2x flash sell send 10 SBD or more to get 2x the one value! No max

in #bellyrub4 years ago

Flash vote sell send 10 Sbd or more to get 2x your amount.

This this is a fall sale, will do this till power reaches 80%

100 % vote worth $148! Hurry ends at 80% voting power

Send amount 10 SBD or more to bellyrub with your link in the memo!


Good deal ;) hurry :)

@bellyrub has gone rogue, he is scamming the network and downvoting anyone pointing it out.

Doesnt work with 10 steem i guess right?... As SBD worth so much more now...

I have useful publications and articles I hope you follow and vote this encourages me to add more

Not disclosing change of ownership is borderline fraud when running something akin to a financial service.


For those who don't know, @bellyrub recently went through a change of ownership and is currently in default on payments through @bellyrubbank. Not sure why there hasn't been an announcement, unless I missed it?

Read this:

Upvoting myself for visibility.

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