Sleeping is my passion🐶

in bella •  last year

I like sleeping everywhere.

Anytime, anywhere; even in a chair.

On the sofa, on the bed.

On the stairs, as I rest my head...

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Smell you later !

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I agree, Bella. Sleeping is under-rated. Snooze on. (Kind of a Dr. Seuss thing you had going there ( :

You have amazing Dog :) what's his name ??
dog are Loyal Than Some People ^^
Thank you for sharing :) following you


Bella is my name, food is my calling 🐶

Oh my god! Freaking adorable puppy!!
It's exhausting being that cute. :P


People stop me all the time on the street to play with me. Even is my paws are muddy 🐶

·'s got to be a RRRUUUFFF life. lol


It is indeed, especially when my human stays up late. I always wake up tired the next day 🐶

I love dog

My love for dog is very big,nice dog.

@bellasteemit I adore dogs and just like dogs I love sleeping good pictures here