Bella - the guard

in bella •  last year


Always be prepared to attack. I'm doing my afternoon shift guarding the door. No one shall pass !

I have an instagram account
Smell you later !

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@the-future, Dog or what am I seeing?, I don't play with dog ooo, I want to pay a Visit before, but my question now is dat ao am I going to enter, hahahahahahahah @bellasteemit

No one shall pass, funny but interesting, I like the dog all the way, but can not stop me to enter, am fully loaded, and am on my way......... Be expecting. Hahahahhhah @the-future

I hate to tell you this, but you just don't cut the 'mean dog' look, Bella. Much too cute to scare anyone away. But that is a good thing, at least in my bowser book.

Such a beauty! It's really like her name, very bella ^_^

Haha ! best ! :D
When do you have your own castle !?


I will be hiring someone to help :)


Someone giant like meeeeee? 😀😀😀

Look at the beautiful dog... Who dare to enter? I love what i'm seeing...

You think the dog can be an obstacle to me, I will jump and pass. Did I just say jump and pass?
Let me run away before the dog jumps out my phone screen oo. Lol, your dog can't catch me. I run more than Usain Bolt. Lol. I like your dogs.

Such a cutie!!!

Uunnnnn. I need a bait for this dog and i have the perfect idea:a partner. Time to enter and see what is inside

I really like this dog, what is d name? @the-future

Hi Bella!!! 🐾 ❤️ I am Romeo The Chocolate Lab!!! I am new to Steem and very excited. Followed and upvoted. Nice to meet you..hope you have a great day!!!

Amazing, I will like the dog to name after me....... Harmen............what about that? @the-future