Boundaries VS Limitations

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Boundaries = Good / Limitations = Bad

Boundaries are guidelines that we might set for ourself or for other people to deal with us or we allow to deal with us.

We all need to set boundaries.

If we wanna be free we need to set boundaries, where we work, in our relations, with our family, we must set the status for how we gonna be treated.

About limitations we can define that we have 2 kind of limitations: there are the limits that others want to set on us and the limitations that we set on ourselves.

Be aware that limitations are things that hold us back.

The most person who can hold you back which is of course yourself.

But the more you work on you, the more you work on your self-esteem, the more you work in your self-development, the more you work in your self-discipline, the more limitations you gonna eliminate. Because 99% of everything is mental and the person who believes who can do something, has such a dramatic exponential higher reality of doing that.

You need to do the work on you, doing your small victories, develop the confidence and for that you have several sources to help you with that like watching Scopes on Periscope ( for that just download the Periscope app into your smartphone and follow me @jbemartins ), follow me here on steemit, read this kind of posts I publish and doing those things every week not only builds your confidence, build your success, build your skills, so you can always expanding so what you perceive, so you can always developing the window that you see the world with, the same way is the window you see your abilities through.

Limits are real until they are not.

Limitations are real until the moment they are not.

It is a limitation until it isn't.

Have a great week-end and lets go out and do something amazing.

Your friend, JM.

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