Is Islam really a religion of peace?

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Yes, Islam is a religion of peace, a religion full of tolerance, a religion that upholds human values ​​and opposes destruction or murder, whether done massively or against individuals.

There are 5 human rights which are highly respected and maintained by the Islamic religion, namely Religion, Life, Assets, Nasab and Honor.

Those who commit harassment and crimes against these five human rights are unacceptable, and Islam gives a very severe sentence to the perpetrators.

Allah SWT. say:

"Whoever kills a human is not because the person killed another person (not because of qishash), or not because it caused damage to the earth, it is as if he killed all humans; and whoever nourishes the life of a human being, it is as if he has preserved all human life. "Al-Maidah: 32

Islam forbids using all means to achieve goals. Even in an atmosphere of war rage, Islam provides signs and ethics for war: it is not permissible to kill people who have surrendered, cannot kill women, parents, small children, may not damage plants, or places of worship. Prisoners of war in Islam are also guarded and treated humanely.

Therefore, any act of violence, murder or bombing, then the action cannot be tolerated, cannot be accepted, whoever is the perpetrator, whatever the religion. And Islam is free from this action. Allahu a'lam



What a great reply. Thanks man.

Thank you brother

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