The Different Segments Of Our Belief System

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Belief is something most people regard as one of the strongest things in life, it drives us, it leads us, it strengthens us and regardless of where we get it from, its effect or functions in our lives are very powerful. Belief is the DNA of human action.  

The way we react and relate to things all around us and within us is a result of the beliefs which we trained in ourselves over time. 

Now Beliefs are formed in us in two major ways which are; Both accidental or conscious. 

The Accidental beliefs which we have little or no control over include our personal experiences, other peoples personal experiences, our environment, education, cultural norms , peer groups etc. 

The beliefs which are however conscious are things we put intentional efforts towards just like setting things to constantly remind us of what we want to believe in Or Motor actions which we train ourselves into. Beliefs are very powerful which led to the statement or quote which says, 'Belief in limits create limits. '

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Yes beliefs are that powerful. However it is difficult for most to understand how beliefs works and therefore mostly leads to complications in life.  Most times through hard experiences, negative beliefs are built which is very detrimental to the individual involved. 

How do beliefs work? 

One way is to find the reason behind that belief by simply asking why? One can break or create a belief system by questioning the reasons behind them.

As to many things in life, belief has segments to it, layers, levels to which relative importance is given. 

The first segment is ourselves. And this segment is built on how we view ourselves. What we see as capable or incapable for ourselves. Simply put, what we believe in ourselves manifests. 

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The LAW OF focus states that; whatever you focus on expands and grows in your life. So if we have strong beliefs in ourselves, this beliefs will grow in our lives and strengthen it. 

 The second segment of Belief is what we believe in others. Our beliefs in others go a very long way and can most times make or Mar who we are.  Most problems in this segment are usually related to the fact that some people care to much about what others think about them while some others don't care at all. 

These are the two extremes which become problematic over time. Some kind of balance is usually needed in this.  Other parts of this segment are related to the role of others in your life such as family and friends.  

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The third and last segment of belief are the things in life, our general belief in our external environment and the things in it both physical or not greatly affect our belief system, ultimately our view of the things are very important. 

Belief is one of our basic things in life and a human being most have one, One way or the other, without it, we would be no different from the animals. 

It is one of the main pillars that hold up our Faith, choices and our entire way of life.

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