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Recently I have been thinking back to my childhood and how upset I used to be about eating meat considering my favorite cartoons starred talking animals and visits to the local park included feeding swans.
At the same time, I have a distinct memory of eating the chicken leg on my plate, because that was all there was and someone had taken the care to prepare it, and realizing how great it tasted. That "umami" taste, as it is referred to.
Things being as they are, I stopped buying meat to prepare at home a while ago. I don't know that I will ever take things far enough to become a vegetarian or vegan per se, but for now I eat meat only when someone serves it to me or I am too lazy to look elsewhere if that's all a restaurant offers. I call it "eating meat socially." I just do love the taste, so twist my arm.
On the other hand, I probably don't care about life as much as I thought I do. Just the other day I had no problem squishing a cockroach because they make me cringe. Because I am full of sh!t.
That's your Card Against Anarchy for you: "being full of sh!t."

The above photo came up in a Google search. It is not my own mise en scène.

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