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The distance between the two parallel chords AB and CD is
A. 4 cm B. 5cm C. 6 cm D. 7 cm E. 4cm

3.The diameter of a circle is 10 cm and the chord through a point P, the midpoint of the chord
is 6 cm . The distance of P from the centre O is
A.3 cm B. 4 cm C. 5 cm D. 6cm E. 7 cm

  1. In the figure, PR⊥OQ and O is the centre. If NQ =2 cm and OQ=5 cm, then PR=………
    A. 4 cm B. 5cm C. 6 cm D. 7 cm E. 8 cm
  1. A point P is 10 cm away from the centre of the circle of radius 6cm. The length of the tangent
    segment from P to the circle is
    A. 5 cm B. 6 cm C. 7 cm D. 8 cm E. 9 cm

6.In the figure, x=………
A. 3 B. 4 C. 5
D. 6 E. 7

  1. In the figure, x=………
    A. 10 B.11 C. 12
    D. 18 E. None of these

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