Behind the Jester's photo.


The jester.

We had a few days of costume party celebration.

This Jester costume is at least 10 years old, it is reserved for children of school age who have reached the family, this opportunity is the turn of my first grandson who has just turned 4.

I share this photo with a gif in a black and white version of its original.

This little person is very special to me, so whenever we have the opportunity to go out and share walks together. Although I prefer less crowded places, I took advantage of this moment where we moved away a little from the volume of people who followed the comparzas, I am a beginner in the world of photography and I am always doing new things. I always like to look for the natural elements in my shots, for example a tree at the bottom of the main objective.

I ran in front of him, for me it didn't matter I just enjoyed walking on the street without cars, I enjoyed because I perceived people's attention when I saw him.

Jester is all that person who is characterized by his cheerful humorous personality who manages to make laugh with his ingenuity, grace and good humor, occupied a privileged place next to kings and personalities of great power.

Share your experience behind the photographic lens.



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The first photograph is superb. Great work.

Thanks for the appreciation.🙋

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