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As you all know, there are already several great photo contests running continuously. These contests are really good, each in their own way, because they help the photographers to make their work visible to others.

But we wanted to do something different. Looking at all the great photography that is showcased on this platform, we sometimes feel that we want to know more about what went on with a particular photo. We thought that the story behind could be just as interesting (if not more) than the actual photo itself. Also, being amateur photographers, we felt that it would be great to "pick the brains" of all the pros. To perhaps learn new techniques, tricks, planning, gear and everything else they know so much better.

...And that's how the idea of "Behind The Photo" was born. This contest is not about the photo itself, but about the process before or during the photo was taken. (If you decide to enter this contest, you can of course include the "final" photo if you want. :) )

We would like you to document your journey towards the photo - with text and/or photo(s) or even video(s). We would like to know your thoughts, ideas, decision process or the story behind. For example:

  • Was it spontaneous, in the moment? Then show/tell us about why. What prompted you to take the photo?
  • Was it planned? Then show/tell us about your preparations.
  • Who or what were you going to photograph? For what? This contest, a magazine, for this platform?
  • When did you take the picture?
  • How did you take the picture?
    • Camera, tripod, lenses, filters, etc.
  • Did you have to travel to where you took it?
  • Did you have to wait for the right moment?
  • Where did you take the picture?
    • Was it during a vacation, or while walking to the supermarket?
    • Was it deep in a forest, waiting for animals to walk by, or with your dog in your backyard?
    • Was it outside in freezing snow and ice, or inside a warm and comfortable high-end studio?
  • Did you do any post-processing?
    • What software did you use? Filters, cropping, retouching, colours etc.

All of these are ideas which we think could help you make a good entry in the contest and we would like you to use as many of them as you can.

Here is a very simple "quick and dirty" example we made yesterday, just to show you what you could do. Or not. Because we are sure you can do better, this is just an example.

Yesterday afternoon, it was a bit warmer than the couple of days before, so we decided to go for a walk. (You should try it, it felt really good to get away from the computer for a while...) We passed some very familiar houses, greeting neighbours who were walking their dogs or coming back from the supermarket as we went. Without planning it or thinking about it, it was getting very close to sunset. So, on our way to nowhere in particular, we were suddenly greeted by a profusion of colours through some trees, as the sun started setting behind the mountains along the coast. We both said "That looks really nice!" and stepped off the sidewalk to snap a few shots.

We've passed this particular spot uncountable times before and to be honest, it's not a very attractive spot. Some grass struggling to keep alive after a very dry summer, the usual beer can and plastic bag (the trash can is right there next to the bench, you moron!) and of course an abundance of dog poop. But it does offer a rather nice view towards the sun setting through the canopy of the trees.

As we usually do, we took pictures of ourselves taking pictures - just because it's fun to look at afterwards. You can look pretty weird sometimes, when you're concentrating on getting your cell phone to cooperate. When the sun sets here, it's a really fast process, you can actually see the sun moving when it gets close to the horizon (mostly due to the curvature of the earth and the atmosphere acting like a lens, bending the light). So if you want that special photo, you have to be quick on your toes - and if on digital, just keep snapping.

Having the sun so low in the sky created some really great warm oranges, together with the darkening blue sky, but at the same time the glare from a low sun can be pretty tricky to handle for the eyes, but even more so for a cell phone camera. The screen on a cell phone is never really good enough to see if the results would stand any close scrutiny, it's just too small. So when we got home, we fired up photoshop and looked at the hoard of pictures we had accumulated. We experimented (a lot) in photoshop to see what could be done. We went through a lot of filters and the curve choices weren't always that good...

If it's really late and dark, you see the lights from the town below, and from the amusement park right in front of it. Here are two pictures we liked the best of the ones we took. But really, that sunset looked much better in real life!

As any other contest, we have rules:

  • One (1) entry per account.
  • Your entry can be in the form of writing, photos or even videos.
  • Text, video(s) and photo(s) must be your own. This will of course be checked, and any form of plagiarism will result in automatic disqualification of your entry and will be reported to steemcleaners.
  • Multiple photos can all go in one post.
  • Your entry must be in English. Feel free to use additional languages, but the translation must be equivalent to the English version.
  • You must use the tag #BEHINDTHEPHOTO. It does not have to be the first tag, as long as you use it. This way, we can easily find your entry.
  • The title of your entry must have the words "Behind The Photo" as a part of it.
  • Your entry must include a link to this post (for example at the very end of your entry).
  • If you want to do a collaboration with a friend (like the example above) that is totally fine. Just don't tell the same story! Be nice and credit each other!
  • Resteems of this post are not required, but would of course help, to let other users know about this contest.
  • You do not need to post the link to your entry in a comment below - we are watching the tag.
  • We reserve the right to exclude any entry which we deem to be low-effort. I.e. one-picture entries with a couple of sentences, or a two-minute video will NOT cut it.


The contest will be active from the moment THIS is posted, and will run for seven (7) days. We will make a second post in seven days to let you know that the contest is closed. After that we will take a couple of days to decide and announce the winners. Only entries posted after this post and before the closing post will be valid entries.

Prize pool:

STEEM: 60 (edited)

The prizes will be distributed as follows:
1st place - 50% of pool
2nd place - 30% of pool
3rd place - 20% of pool

Edit, clarification:
1st place - 30 STEEM, 10k SPACO, 2250 PHOTO
2nd place - 18 STEEM, 6k SPACO, 1350 PHOTO
3rd place - 12 STEEM, 4k SPACO, 900 PHOTO

Apart from the prize pool, there is a possibility that our sponsor @appreciator will upvote some of the good entries. Any such sponsored upvotes are completely at @appreciator's discretion.

Jury: @nelyp and @johan.norberg

Sponsorship: We sincerely thank @appreciator for sponsoring this contest!

We look forward to your entry! Good luck!


Thanks @axeman for your entry, all the best of luck in the contest!

very cool idea, I am fascinated. do you plan to run it on a regular basis or its a single shot action? I definitely would jump on it in the 1st case

also, may I suggest to increase the prize fond with GEEK tokens? if yes, how much you'd like me to add to the pool.

Hi @qwerrie, thanks for your questions!
We would like to do this regularly, yes definitely. But we need to see where this first one takes us, before we can commit to a series.

Regarding funds; we will certainly consider your kind offer for any subsequent contests, thank you!

Ok so I gave it a try and I hope you like it 😁 lol
Here is my entry

Thank you for this fun contest 😉👍

Nice idea. I have fully interest on this.👍 👍

Thanks @impressions, we're happy to hear that!

Great idea for a contest
I will try and join

Thanks @tattoodjay, and of course you should!

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The contest idea is pretty cool. I would love to say the story behind capturing a photo. I think entries will be an awesome visual story!

We're happy you like it @rem-steem, and hope we will get many interesting stories!

Its great and cool idea, I am also thinking to enter.

Thanks @hafizullah, and of course you should.

Great idea! I'll have to think about it for a moment or three!


Thanks @dswigle! Please think. Not for TOO long though, we want to see an entry. ;-) Also thx for the tip.

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This is an amazing contest. A reaaly good idea. See and hear what is behind the good photos. Congratulation for this idea. Have a nice day. Greetings from Argentina.

Thanks for those kind words @healthrecipes, you have a nice day too! Salutations from Spain.

@nelyp I think that this will be a very good idea, as I have been trying off and on to give people tips on stalking dragonflies and flying birds for clear shots.
Let's see how it goes and I sincerely hope that this contest will become the next big one!

Thanks @papilloncharity, very nice of you to say so! Now start preparing your entry! :-)

Hahaha, still considering my entry my friend.
Blessings and have a nice weekend!

I like it! Especially as I am more of a beginner (starting to advance) photographer and enthused to learn! Plud the stories behind the pictures can be really interesting! I've got some ideas for my entry which i will be posting soon. Thanks for holding this contest!

Good idea for contest. I should think about that.

Thanks @seckorama! Yes you should. ;-)

This is such a Great thing and I would love to give it a go, can it be any kind of pictures?
Flower, walks, black&white etc?
Also love this cause its a good idea to find other post with photography and I love that.
Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers

Hi @saffisara, thanks for that!
It can be any sort of text, photos or videos. What we are interested in, is the story behind a particular photo. How you tell the story, and what kind of story it is, is completely up to you. Have a good weekend!

That I can do, I already tells the story of my photos and if I have a specific memory attached to it and so on. A picture can say alot, but words can make you se the whole picture right? 😉
I will do mine this weekend, thanks again! 🙏

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An interesting contest. I took part in it and published a post. Should I send a link here to my post?

Hello @bambuka and thanks for participating! There is no need to post your link here. :-)

Hi @bambuka. Would you please be so kind as to put the link to the original contest post (this one), in your post?

Yes ... I really missed this link, but I was sure that I installed it. Now everything is fixed. Thanks for prompting me to do this.

If this is going to be a regular thing then I'm all up for it, great idea man.

Thanks @kemoglo! We would definitely like to do this regularly. But we need to see how this one goes first, before we can commit to a series.

Thank you for bringing up a wonderful contest and reaching out to me. Here's my entry
"Behind The Photo" Contest - "Sunset by the Beach"🌅🌞🚤💗😘💗🧜‍♂️🧚‍♀️

Thanks @nainaztengra, and good luck!

Awesome initiative!

Here's my entry for the first edition:

border between lifestyles s.jpg

May your idea last long and gain lots of fans!

Thanks @manoldonchev for your kind words! Best of luck in the contest!

Thank you for bringing up a wonderful contest and reaching out to me. Here's my entry

"Behind The Photo" Contest - Sunset By Train Line

Thanks for entering @jatinhota, good luck!

Hello @nelyp, @koenau here with my contribution for the #behindthephoto contest! See it here: Hope you like it a little bit!

Hi @koenau. Would you please be so kind as to put the link to the original contest post (this one), in your post?

Hi there.. I love this idea.. Although it seems like I was late for this competition.

Will this be a weekly competition or a monthly... Or perhaps just a one time deal

Hello @technicalside.
We just started the second edition of the contest. You can find it by looking for the #behindthephoto tag or looking at the new post here:
Hope to see your entry!

Thank you very much I will most definitely try to get an entry in there hey😁😁..

Thank you for bringing up a wonderful contest and reaching out to me. Here's my entry

Behind The Photo - My Unplanned Lily Capture

Hi @mkhota. Would you please be so kind as to put the link to the original contest post (this one), in your post?

Thank you @davidesimoncini for your entry, good luck!

It’s shared in the Discord steemterminal and it’s a great contest for our new arrivals to steemit so thank you and thank you @qwerrie for pointing us to it by sharing

Thanks @brittandjosie and @qwerrie for sharing this in your community!

let hope it will get alot off entries

sharing is caring!

Thanks for great contest. I will have to get an entry ready.

I saw your contest when @jaynie posted it on the PHC discord.

Thanks @redheadpei, be sure to do that. :-) Also thanks to @jaynie for spreading the word!