Question your paradigms!

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There are 2 parts in our mind: there is one part that gathers information and there is another part that controls our behavior, and it's our behavior that controls our results!

We have paradigms that are programmed genetically and environmentally. We must question if they are serving us! Why?

It's interesting how paradigms are formed and how we can change them. The paradigms controls our perception, how we utilize our time and controls the amount of money we earn.

For example of one paradigm that is universally accepted is that it's spiritual to be poor or noble to be poor or if we want to be spiritual we must be poor or if we want to be noble we must be poor.

The truth is that poverty almost the time causes people to lie, to cheat, to steal and even to kill.

If you born in poverty that's nothing wrong, but staying in poverty is an insult to the one that create you, because you are not utilizing the incredible potential that you have. When you are poor you are missing the mark for your creator.

When you are living in poverty you are missing the mark that your creator has to you or you are not accepting the love that the universe has to you because I really believe you were born to be happy, healthy and free.

Your creator gives you happiness, health and wealth and if you are not expressing that, you are turning away from that source, it's almost like being a sinner. We need now to define sin because you probably know that the Bible was written in Aramaic and in this original language the definition of sin means to miss the mark. So when you are sinning you are missing the mark that your creator has for you. And again we must differentiate be poor from born in poverty there are 2 things completely different like we already define above.

But if for example my family or my close friends they really believe that being poor is noble and spiritual, what can I do?

The best way to deal with that and is not so easy to do, but it is limit your time with them, set boundaries for them, let them know you love them and care about them, you want to help them to reach success but you can't drag anyone to the finish line. They actually if you spend too much time with them they will do the opposite with you they will try to drag you to their side.

You need to let them know you don't allow anymore them to drag you again back to the other side.

Probably you really need to say directly: "I'm sorry I love you, I care about you, I wish you the best but I cannot spend time with you any longer because I do not want to be infected with your attitude, your mindset, the way you are thinking."

In other hand expand the association with people that are in the same path like you for improving their lives!


By reading books, listening to tapes, attending workshops, webinars, scopes on Periscope about personal development.

Like always peace, love, faith, keep dreaming, stay alive, success, Just Do Life!

Your friend and partner, JM.

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